Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday's Random Rant

I meant to write about this a long time ago, but forgot of course so I'm doing it now.

So, last week we went to the mall near my parents place (It's right across the street from the highschool I went to, so I pretty much grew up there) and it's seriously a mall for elderly people. They bring them in by the busload (I kid you not). Anyway Skyler got hungry, so I sat down on a bench and pulled out the blankets and I covered us both up so that nothing was visible except his feet poking out. Well let me tell you I got some very nasty looks. But me being me, I was oblivious. Let them stare. As another special needs parents wrote in his book "Stare stare booger bear, take a picture I don't care!" It honestly doesn't bother me that people stare or give me nasty looks. I was fully covered, if they have a problem with me feeding my child too bad.

C however, was very uncomfortable with all the random passersby glaring at me. He went off to look in a customizable t shirt store close by, so I finished up feeding him and sat him up to burp him. And I swear I got just as many dirty looks from people while I wasn't breastfeeding. C came back and I told him he should just go get me a shirt that says "I'm 10 years older than you think I am!" I swear I get so many dirty looks because people think I'm a teenage mom. I've been told more times than I can count that I look like I'm 12 or 14. And I actually got ID'd (basically) over the phone. Twice! People asking me "Are you sure you're over 18? You sound young.." Like really. You call me to sell me something, ask to speak to my parents and doubt my age, like just go away I don't want what you're selling anyway.

And I'm definitely not getting all freaked out about people pointing and staring because we have a lot more of that coming when Skyler is older and learning to get around on his own with low vision.

Okay, rant over I swear! Haha. Feel free to have your own Random Rant!


CLC said...

That's kind of funny. I would just glare back or really act like a teenager!

Stacie said...

Some people are just absolutely ridiculous. Good for you for not letting it bother you that people glared while you nursed Sky.

I mean seriously, everybody knows that women do it. I would be one thing if you just popped it out for the world to see, but you didn't.

You should post more pictures of Sky. He's so precious!!!

Buttercup said...

Sky is so completely adorable!