Saturday, June 20, 2009

Moto Moto

Apparently moto moto means hot hot. At least that's what the zebra on Madagascar 2 tells me. If you've never seen that movie, it's hilarious. At least to me, someone who has watched so many mundane kid's movies hundreds of times over, and most of them are boring as hell. I've watched madagascar 2 hundreds of times now and still laugh at the funny parts. I think that may mean my brain is broken. Anyway, today was another lovely scorching hot day. My dad's pool is still not ready to swim in. He's just about given up on doing it himself and is about to call the pool guys. Which will be like $400. Ouch.

So we were over there for a little while this morning, and then stopped at the store on the way home and grabbed some sandwich meat and stuff for lunch. When we got home we discovered the fridge had stopped working, the milk was spoiled and everything else was on its way there. Somehow though the fridge freezer is still working. It's odd because we got a new fridge only a week ago, it shouldn't be having problems already. We called the landlord and they said we'd have to wait until monday, I'm guessing fridge repair guys don't like working weekends.

Skyler was so annoyed from the heat, and was fussing a bit. He was quite dirty too, hasn't had a good bath in a while because everytime we bathe him he just screams his little head off, and it's a fight to get anything washed. So when we got home from being out in the sauna-like weather all morning I ran a nice cool bath. I undressed both of us and got in the tub with him. I tried putting his little feet into the water, and he screamed. It wasn't too cold, but in comparison to the temperature we were already at it probably seemed pretty cold. So I put him on my lap instead and nursed him while gently sprinkling cool water over him. He loved it. And most importantly I managed to get him clean! Finally! Once he finished feeding I sat him up in the water, and slowly emerged his bum and his legs. He loved it, he was splashing and smiling and laughing. Best bath ever. I'll probably bathe with him everytime if it's going to be that much fun.

Apparently C wants me to let you know how awesome he is. So, C is awesome. He just finished washing the dishes, and he cooled a drink in the freezer for me so I wouldn't have to drink hot grape soda. Haha. He also made me an egg sandwich. So yes, he is very awesome.

This afternoon I managed to finish five scrapbook pages, all of N. I studied my spanish grammar for a while (it gets rusty from time to time, without much use for Spanish up here in Canada.) I played a bit on the piano while Skyler played his little piano (So cute!) right by me. And I played the Sims 3 for a little while. I love the Sims. I've had every Sims game since the first one, and all the expansions. If you're into those kind of games I definitely recommend it. But I warn you it's very addictive, prepare to disappear for a while into your computer.

N's family is moving out of their house tomorrow. They're going to be staying at Grandma's for the next month while they look for a place in Toronto. I'm sad of course, this means there's only one month left before she's gone. I cry everytime I think that I won't get to be there for her third birthday. Though I cry a lot thinking about her leaving. Also I'm pretty sure I'm having some sort of hormonal flux at the moment so it could be from that too. I actually burst into tears yesterday staring at Skyler. I just started thinking about how small he was when he was born, and how much he's grown and how strong he is and so on and so forth and I just started crying. C was laughing at me because he knows I'm either ovulating or pmsing or something. Then I couldn't stop crying and laughing at the same time. It was great.

Do yourself a favour and go watch this video.. LOL.


Karen said...

Scott used to be a commercial refrigeration repairman. (He used to do everything, LOL. He likes knowing how to do stuff so he's always trying something new.) Anyhow, here's his official diagnosis of your fridge:

"People don't know it, but all the cooling in a fridge comes from the freezer. There's an air vent that moves cold air from the freezer down. Probably the defroster isn't working and ice is covering up the vent. Put everything that's still frozen in an ice chest, then unplug it and open up the doors overnight. The coils in back should be warm. Then plug it back in and close the doors. It'll take about 12 hours to cool, but the second shelf down in the fridge should get to about 37 degrees. That's like... 4 degrees Celcius. If it starts working normally she needs to tell the repair guy and if he can't come right away she needs to turn it off once or twice a day for a couple of hours so it doesn't freeze over again. Some freezers have a switch inside that lets you turn them off. If not, just unplug it.

Azaera said...

C did unplug it for an hour, but I guess it wasn't long enough, he's gonna try that now. Thanks for the info!!

She said...

Oh my goodness. I can't believe the landlord told you to just "hang out" with a broken fridge until Monday knowing that you have a newborn. Ugh. That stinks! I hope Karen/Scott's fix works for you, at least temporarily.
Glad the bath worked better with the two of you together. Sweaty stinky baby is no fun!! :)
Good luck with the pool. Hope you're swimming soon!