Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Cleaning, organizing, purging and packing are all still underway around here. I find I'm way too easily distracted. I'll be cleaning one closet, then the next minute I remember the diaper liners need to be washed, then I wash those, and then as I'm about to rinse and hang them to dry Skyler wants to play so I wander off to play with him. Then I'm playing for a little bit and remember the dishes need to be washed. And on and on it goes. I'm wondering how I will ever get anything done the way I keep starting things and wandering off to start other tasks. I'm thinking I may need a timer to keep me on task for a while. The only tricky one is the baby because he needs my attention whether I'm doing something else or not. I'd wait until he goes to bed, but I need to do his room and if he's asleep in there I can't be in there. I'd stick him in the exersaucer for a bit but he'd just scream.

Here's hoping I can get at least one or two tasks completed today. As for Skyler he's doing things at his own pace. He's been standing up a little bit more without holding on to anything (still leaning against things behind him, but I will take it) and lowering himself down nice and slow. I've found some infant/toddler curriculums online and I am using them to make my own "lesson plans". I'm going to be done work at the end of June and I am thinking that at the beginning of June once we move I want to begin homeschooling him. So I want to have some activity ideas for us to do during the day. The idea is Skyler will iniate whatever activity he wants to do and I will be there to talk to him and tell him about what he is doing. And the activities are things I want to have available to him each day so that he can choose whether he wants to do them or not.

Some of them are tactile experiences like playing in the water table or digging in the sand. We did this on Mother's day, we had our own little "Beach Party" while Chuck was at work. I took Skyler outside to the park next door where he played in the sand, then since the weather was not beach friendly at all we went back inside and I filled a tupperware tub with water and bubbles and he splashed to his heart's content. Other activities will be ongoing like singing songs and clapping and dancing to music and reading stories. I'd love to let him pick the books to read but he still has little interest in that. Though he will sit and roll a ball back and forth with me for a good 20 minutes and even go to find his ball if I ask him where it is. He's got his own interests, which is awesome.

Cloth diapers are still going well. Most nights we use disposables mainly because both cloth diapers are washed and still drying by bedtime. We still need to pick up a few more, but the store is only open Wednesday to Saturday and we still are short on cash so I'm contemplating what to do. Try to make it with only 2 cloth diapers? Buy another pack of disposables? Buy one or two more cloth diapers? Hmm. I think with luck we might be able to make it to the end of the month before we need to buy more.. We shall see I suppose.

On the 19th Skyler has his opthalmology appointment, and he turns one and a half. It's amazing he will be 18 months, I can hardly fathom. His sight is quite amazing too, I'm noticing him seeing tiny white crumbs on the white linoleum (things I can hardly even see!) and he will go find his ball half way across the room (mind you it's huge and blue, and he might just remember where he pushed it last, but still). He is very visually engaged, he loves exploring things visually and tactually. I'm so lucky to be his mommy.


Stacie said...

I can say that I don't envy your having to pack and move. I've done it too many times. That is very cool that you do get to move, however, to a bigger place!

Becky said...

Because you encouraged me to make the switch to cloth diapers, I decided to do it today! It took a little while to get Derick on board. What kind are you using for Skyler? I got G Diapers today. So far, I like them. They are super cute and I bought the cloth inserts. Upon first use, we leaked. It said to wash them 6 times before first use. I didn't do that...figuring that I knew better. Needless to say, I'm currently in the process of washing them 4 more times. Why did you select the diapers that you got? My other choice is Bum Genius which I might still buy since I only got 2 gDiapers.

jennohara said...

Sounds like Skyler is doing great!! We're moving at the end of May, too, so I know exactly what you mean about getting things done...and not. :)