Thursday, May 6, 2010

Super Baby

Skyler shows off one of his new cloth diapers. We're on day two now of cloth diapering, and so far I love it. The diapers are adorable, and since we're using liners we don't need to wash the diapers unless he soaks right through. We have a ton of microfibre cloth liners that we tuck into his diaper (two at a time) and once he pees through them we just toss them into the wash pile and put in clean ones and a disposible liner and we're good to go. The diaper itself is sooo soft and he seems to have more movement with it. So far no red lines, no diaper rash, no leaks and no complaints. I'll keep you updated as it goes. Also the colours are just adorable, we got him a bright blue one (in the picture) and a bright red one. When we bought them the shop owner remarked on our choice of "superman" colours. I told her he is our superbaby. We plan on going back on Friday to buy some more since we are loving it so far.

Washing the liners and diapers is no problem. We ran them in a load of laundry to start (with biodegradable specially formulated laundry soap) and dried them in the dryer, and they came out fluffy and clean. And I've been handwashing in the interim and hanging them up to dry. Handwashing them takes only a few minutes and it's easy to do. All in all, I'm loving the cloth diapering thing so far. I can't wait to get him some more tomorrow.

In other news we got (almost) approved for the apartment we applied for. One more step and hopefully we will have a new place to live in June. And I got my course materials from Hadley School for the Blind for my course entitled The Human Eye. Hopefully I can finish my first assignment tonight. I got half way through it and then thought I had better take a nap. Of course Skyler decided to wake up as soon as I almost fell asleep. Sigh. So now I must keep him occupied until bedtime and hopefully then I will be able to finish it.


Stacie said...

Those cloth diapers are adorable! I'm glad that you like cloth diapering so much! So cool.

Oooh, congrats (almost) on the new apartment!

jennohara said...

The diapers are so cute! So is the little guy in them :)
I've been thinking about doing a course from Hadley's school for the blind as well. I've gotta take a look and see what they have to offer.

LuckyOnce said...

All good news! I give you a lot of credit for the cloth diapers. I'd love to try them, but I'm just not sure I can handle everything that comes with raising a baby (and a toddler) along with extra laundry! :)