Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Verdict Is In

Yesterday morning I was trying to wake C up so we could take Sky to his appointment. So I'm saying "Chuck! Chuck! Wake up!" And I hear this echo, (but slightly different version) of "Quack! Quack! Dadaa!" and then a small person goes crawling quickly over to his dad to wake him up. I cracked up, the poor kid can't make a "ch" sound yet, but he knows his dad's name, and is making an effort to say it. Haha, and poor daddy is now known as quack.

Now on to the important stuff. Yesterday we saw endocrinologist number 4. First meeting with her, and I have to say I liked her the most of all of them. I told her I was worried about him gaining and then losing, or basically staying the same weight for so long. She reassuringly told me not to worry, it's only been 3 months, he's a toddler, he's got teeth coming in it's okay. He has grown in height and is growing perfectly on the scale for a "petite" person. Which is fine, both C and I are pretty short, and we were pretty small as kids too. So he's doing great. She said his bloodwork came back from the last bloodtest and was all good so we don't have to do any bloodwork until 4 months from now at the next appointment. And we're just going to keep an eye on his height and see if he stops growing.

She also said that her and the other two female endocrinologists will be working as Skyler's team and that any decisions they make regarding the human growth hormone will be made as a team. She said three minds are better than one. She also noted that we're (Chuck & I) the specialists when it comes to our son. She was warm and kind and smiled a lot and said she wished she could see Skyler every week because he's just so cute. So she gets points in my book for that. We also found out as we grabbed a card on the way out that she's the medical director for the pediatric endocrinology clinic. Bonus. Of the other two doctors we're seeing on the team we have met one and she was lovely, we haven't met the last one yet, but hopefully she's just as nice.

Skyler's appetite seems to be coming back somewhat now that his teeth have broken through, so that's a relief. Hopefully he'll go back to wanting to eat everything in sight again. And this morning he reminded me again that he is no longer a baby. He woke up at 4am and I changed him and brought him to the couch with me for some cuddles. My child has no interest whatsoever in cuddling. Used to be he'd snuggle up and breastfeed, when he was a baby. This child wants nothing to do with that, but he's more than happy to step on my head and anything else that might be in his way. Ahh toddlers. Always on the way to their next big adventure.


Mrs. Spit said...

great news!

Stacie said...

..."and poor daddy is now known as quack." This had me laughing out loud at my desk at work. That is so cute.

That is great news that everything is going accordingly!

Ashley's Mom said...

It sounds like you have a great team of doctors. That helps so much when our children have so many doctors and so many appointments.

John C said...

Hopefully some day you will be down to just an ophthalmologist. We actually went 6 months without an appointment and it was amazing.

You and Quack are doing a great job.