Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The End is Always a New Beginning

Today was the last day of kindergarten. I have one more day of work, tomorrow, and it's an inservice day so half of my kids won't be there. So I had to say goodbye to most of them today. It was very sad. So happy to have my summer off though.

In other news, we got invited to a garden event with the Queen of England on Saturday. My mom made me buy a new dress. I'm not like a huge British monarch buff or anything but it's still pretty cool. And the dress bit segues into my next thing.

Last night I designed, cut, and sewed my handfasting (like a wedding) dress. It's dark blue with a light blue sash. I wanted red, but I already had the blue satin, it had been sitting in my craft closet for a few years. Plus blue is my favourite colour and for a cost of $2.50 (for the elastic) to make my dress you just can't go wrong. Don't mind how tired I look in the pictures. I had just worked all morning, took care of the baby all afternoon, cooked, cleaned and then sewed a dress so I was a little worn out.

In Skyler news, he's saying "I like that" now. It's the cutest thing, and it sounds so clear too. Even his nursery teacher at church heard him say it. She said it was so cute and funny to hear him say that. He's seeing a lot of things for a blind kid, his OT is impressed as usual. He's even stood on his own (for about 15-20 seconds each time) twice in the past week! He even did it while his OT was here. So that was awesome.

We've finally moved everything into the new apartment but there's just not enough room in here for everything so it kind of looks like our living room is a still shot from that Hoarders show. It's mostly bookshelf stuff since our bookshelf basically disintegrated when we tried to move it. We need to buy a new one, but C is always working when I'm not and vice versa. Hopefully Friday we'll be able to get a new one. I have Thursday off of course but it's Canada Day so I doubt anything will be open. I plan to go to a street festival with my mom and Sky on Canada Day.

Anyway there's a ton to say I'm sure, but I have to brave the lovely weather to get to the store. So I leave you with a picture of Sky stuffing his face at his auntie's graduation party.


Stacie said...

Glad to see you're back! I was missing your blog posts.

The dress you made is gorgeous.

Wow, your last day. That must feel good.

Skyler is changing all kinds over there, isn't he! You'll have to post more pictures of him soon.

Karen said...

You both look so beautiful! And wow, potentially meeting the queen is impressive. I'm not into the monarchy either but still, she's a woman who's lead an amazing life and it would be cool to see what she's like.

Good luck on your last day of work, and have a fun Canada Day, too.

LuckyOnce said...

Beautiful dress! I can't believe you made it! Have fun at the event with the queen. How cool!