Monday, June 7, 2010


Things have been slightly stressful over here to say the least. The apartment is still not finished being upgraded or whatever you want to call it. Our tub was done today, the hardwoods are getting done tomorrow, the fridge and stove on Wednesday and the carpet on Thursday. We've been living in two apartments for the last week or so and it's making me insane. At first it was slightly neat, but the novelty has worn off. I would like to be in one place now. Right now we're back in the old apartment (minus our bed which we have to go move tonight into the living room of the other apartment because they're doing the floor in the bedroom over there tomorrow) so we're on the couches, and we moved Skyler's crib back in here for the time being. PAIN IN THE BUTT. Sorry, had to get that out of my system.

I've been having headaches the last 4 or 5 days and I don't know why. Stress maybe? But I've been way more stressed in the past and not had headaches. I don't usually get them so it's odd for me. Time is ticking on the school year, we'll be done in less than a month now. I have mixed feelings. I really do like my new supervisor, so the last few months have been good. I'm really going to miss the kids, but at the same time, wonderful glorious freedom! And I won't have to hear my name whined at me a million times a day for petty things, which is always a plus. I'm still going to miss them though. I'm working on a slideshow of our year together for the kids to take home as sort of a kindergarten grad present. It's looking pretty cute so far.

Skyler is talking and comprehending more. I love it. He is still on the duck and quack thing. He now will point out his rubber duck every time we enter the bathroom, and the ducks on the garbage can which I didn't even notice at first. He will say quack and duck whenever he sees them or whenever we go in the bathroom at all. He also says "Yay!" which is pretty cute. Oh and I learned yesterday that while giving Skyler a bath is like going to Seaw.orld because you're not in the water but you'll still get wet, that taking a shower with Skyler around is like telling him that he's going to Seaw.orld and he'll want to get wet even though he's already taken his bath for the day. I went to shower yesterday and he went straight from the bedroom to the bathroom as soon as the water turned on, and he flung open the curtain and laughed (thanks for the confidence boost kid! :P) and every time I tried to close it he just opened it again.

He's still 19 pounds, even though he has been eating and getting formula supplements when he doesn't eat as much(and sometimes even if he does) and we have endocrine tomorrow. I'm so not looking forward to it.. I'm betting the reason he isn't gaining weight is because of the meds he's on (steroids and thyroxine, they both can cause weight gain or loss) but I doubt the doctors will take that as a reason. It's likely going to be time to do the 8 hour blood test for HGH since he hasn't even gained a single pound in 4 months. Sigh. I guess we shall find out tomorrow. Fortunately I have tomorrow and Wednesday off since my kinders will be in kindergarten all morning instead of with me on Wednesday. Hopefully the appointment will go well.

Other Skyler news, I'm not sure of the exact reason but it seems that Skyler is seeing more lately. It could be that he is just developing and his eyes too are developing more, or maybe it's the patching that seems to be causing him to use both eyes a lot more while looking recently or his brain is connecting the other things and filling in the blanks for what he can't see, or maybe it's something else altogether but he is seeing more things/further away than he used to. I'll be passing by something while holding him and he'll reach out and try to grab even though in the past he had no clue it was there. Very exciting stuff! We have OT on Friday I'm excited to see what our OT thinks of this new development. All in all it's a busy week. I hope you all are well. And now your reward for skimming through this post:

Baby with an eyepatch!

He sure loves the sand! Gotta take him to a beach one of these days.


Mrs. Spit said...

could it just be because he's so much more mobile these days?

Stacie said...

Yikes. I can't imagine having to even temporarily live out of two apartments at once. That just spells stress. I hope the new apartment gets finished very soon.

Having you been drinking enough water? That can cause headaches.

Skyler looks so grown up in those pictures! He doesn't seem to mind his patch. Ahh, what a handsome baby boy he is!

Britt said...

The ped opthalmologist said his eyesight should continue to improve until he's older around 6-8 years old I think he said, as he develops so should his sight. Or so the doc says, but he is more interested in things around him.

And yeah I've been drinking a ton of water because I know dehydration causes headaches but it's doing nothing for me except making me pee a lot. Oh well. Such is life.

Ashley's Mom said...

Get him a black patch and teach him to say 'Arrgghh". Then he'll be all ready for Talk Like A Pirate Day!

LuckyOnce said...

The apartment situation sounds pretty intolerable. Hope it's over soon.

The pictures of Skyler are so cute. It actually does look like he's focusing perfectly well in the pictures. So cool!

John C said...

Never give up on his eye sight improving. Amanda has 20-200 vision with glasses but recognizes every building in town as we drive by.

One thing we have learned is, our child's vision is her normal. She has nothing to compare it to so she figures things out.