Sunday, June 13, 2010

Home Is Where Your Heart Is, But Also Where Your Stuff Is

It feels like it's been forever. We are finally living in the new apartment, though some of our stuff is still in the old one. We moved last night we now have a living room over here. We still have to move the baby's dresser, most of our clothes, the bathroom stuff, and the pots & pans etc. But for the most part we're moved, and the apartment looks great. I love it already, part of me though is sad about moving from our old apartment. I liked it there, it was familiar, the dining area was bigger, but oh well. I am sure there are tons of new memories to be made here. The living room looks much nicer here. I even made Skyler his own reading corner in the living room, it's cute.

In Skyler news, the monster has been quite cranky the last two days. I'm pretty sure it's because of the move though so I'm hoping that levels out soon. He's been pretty good this morning, he's just mapping out the new apartment now that we added furniture. Before he was pretty good at finding everything but we snuck in the furniture last night while he was sleeping so things have changed a bit. Yesterday I crocheted him a new hat, because the "summer" weather we've been getting so far this year has been deplorable. Nothing but nonstop thunderstorms, rain, clouds and seriously cold temperatures. So I made him a new hat I used two different strands of yarn at the same time to make it double thick. It should last him through the coming fall and winter as long as his head doesn't grow too much.

Anyway I hope you all are well. I'll update again soon hopefully, assuming time doesn't slip away from me too quickly.


Stacie said...

Oh thank goodness for almost being completely moved into your new, bigger apartment.

I'm sure Sky will get accustomed to his new home very soon! That should keep him busy.

I hope things are settling down now that you're almost done moving!

jennohara said...

I still have to catch up on your blog, but it's great to hear that you love your new place! It's hectic moving...I'm glad Skyler is adjusting well! :)