Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Screaming Phase

My little man thinks everything is a walking toy, which is awesome. He's constantly screaming at the top of his lungs when things don't do exactly what he wants them to (which is not so awesome). Such as yesterday during his half hour eye patch tv time he was desperately trying to reach Gro.ver on the screen which is just a bit too high for him, so how to solve this problem? Screech like a banshee, that should help right? It was kind of funny if I pretended I hadn't been listening to him scream all afternoon because of the various little things that tick him off in a given day. He also has 4 teeth breaking through the gums right now, might be part of his reasoning for the screaming. Also yesterday he would not touch anything I tried to feed to him. What did he want to eat? French fries, at midnight. GAH my child. Delicious vegetable stir-fry with turkey made by daddy? No thanks, I'd rather have junk food. We're trying to supplement him with toddler formula again since he has made literally no weight gain in the last two months.

And we are currently in the process of moving. Next door. Our new apartment is the apartment right next to us so moving is fun, in a kind of annoying way. If the company that owns the building had bothered to get the repairs done on time we could be moved in already, but as it is we're waiting on a new stove, new fridge, new carpets, new hardwood floors (which they said will likely take more than two months.. sigh) and they have to paint the entire suite before we can move in. So we've moved some of our stuff over, but not all of it and it's kind of frustrating. Yesterday I went to heat up some food and remembered the microwave is next door.

Skyler of course is not exactly thrilled about what's going on yet as he mainly doesn't know. His room is still pretty much empty because we need them to paint it first before we can put his stuff in it. I'm thinking it will be a big adjustment for him when we finally do get to move in because he's a little guy and it's a big change, but then you factor in the blindness and that he has to relearn the entire layout of his home and everything, it should be interesting. He's figured out how to draw with markers now and he loves colouring on himself and finger painting on his new desk is always fun. I've decided that when his room is done I'm going to put up poster board all along the bottom of the wall so that Skyler can decorate his room however he wants without ruining the walls.

Also the day before yesterday he rode his little red car by himself for the first time ever. He finally figured out how to make it go, normally he just sits there wondering why I put him on such a boring toy. Well now he is cruising up and down the hallways. Today he even figured out how to turn. It doesn't have pedals so it's pretty slow moving and it's almost impossible to turn, but he found a way, he just stands up and moves it until it turns or he starts screaming until I turn it for him.

So of course my next thought was "Oh that's soo cute! He needs a tricycle next!" Which was immediately followed by "Hmm wait a second is putting a blind kid on a trike such a good idea?" He can't see where he's going at all, and giving him something that he can speed around on may cause all sorts of injuries and mayhem. I can just picture him crashing headfirst into every wall, and every piece of furniture, not to mention people's legs. Also the thought of him outside on something with wheels gives me a heart attack. I'd be terrified of him speeding away from me and off into the street. And yet despite all of this I think I'm still going to get the kid a tricycle. Every kid deserves a trike, and besides, it's not like anyone's going to let him have a driver's license. Might as well let him learn how to use the only set of wheels he can legally drive.

We'll just have to get him one of those little bells so he can warn people when he's coming. And I'll just have to find a yard with a fence that he can drive in. And even sighted kids crash into things from time to time, he'll just have to learn where things are.

Oh and one more thing I have to share with you. Five year olds are hilarious. One of my kindergarten kids said this at the snack table yesterday: "I know why God is invisible. It's because he's naked.. And no one wants to see that."


Stacie said...

I hate this not eating phase that Laney's in too. I say to her, "Laney, do you want: pasta? "no", chicken? "no", crackers "no", yogurt "no", cheese "no", candy "yes!".

I don't give her candy, obviously, but all she wants to eat is crap, something she rarely ever gets.

That absolutely sucks about the new apartment not being ready for quite some time. They didn't plan that too well.

We got Laney a pink Radio Flyer tricycle for her birthday this year. It's still in the box since her b-day isn't until June 17th. I'll let you know how that goes when she learns to ride it.

Ashley's Mom said...

Yes, definitely get the trike! Every kid should have one. Just do like I did when I was teaching one of my teenagers to drive - go to a business or school parking lot on a Sunday (a day when no cars will be coming through), and turn him loose :)

As far as the eating, the main thing that worked for my Ashley was bribery - "You may have the mac and cheese as soon as you finish the spinach". Worked every time :)

Trish said...

ahh.. the screaming. When do you suppose this phase ends?

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