Friday, April 30, 2010

A Bit More Like Normal

Skyler seems to be doing better. Slept all night the last couple nights, with the exception of waking up at 4am for whatever reason to have a diaper change a snack and back to bed. He's been eating, not as much as he used to but more than the last few days. He's very particular about being fed. He won't let you put anything in his mouth, he needs to be in control at all times it seems. Which is fine he is 1 and a half he wants his independence. It means we have to put the food in front of him and let him eat on his own terms, and things like yogurt just aren't working out very well right now because he doesn't have the motor control to feed himself something on a spoon yet. He has tried and succeeded a few times though, but with thicker things. We're still working on it. Many a mess will be made I assure you.

So I have today off and it is of course 6am and I am of course awake and have been for the past hour and a bit. Sleep on my day off? Why ever would I get to do that? I had to get up for Skyler, and well I couldn't fall back asleep yet. I just have too much on my mind. We didn't renew our lease. Today is the last day to do so. We sort of have some idea of where we want to live though so I'm hoping it all works out. It will be nice for Skyler to have his own bedroom, or rather for us to have our own bedroom as Skyler has had ours for the last year just about. The only problem is I don't think our next place will have as much storage as this place does. And we have way too much junk. It's time to downsize and we've been working on it. But it's so hard to do. Oh well, I'm going to keep at it.

Summer will soon be upon us (hopefully) and I'll be done work in two months time. I'm excited to have my summer off with Skyler, I think it's going to be so much fun. I'm going to try to find us some baby groups to go to since most of them are in the mornings and I'm usually at work. We also have some friends with kids who want to hang out this summer. I'm hoping we get some nice weather this year instead of last year where it rained and was cold for pretty much the whole summer. Our weather is so finicky the last few years. It's impossible to predict whether it will be nice or not.

I suppose I should try to go back to bed (if Skyler stays asleep), I hope you all are doing well.


Lopez Family said...

Hey, thanks for your comment. No, Kylah doesn't have any other endocrine issues- yet. I worry she might have issues with the stress hormone-oh what is that cortisol, i cant remember- cuz when she gets really tired or anyting she tends to get sick and throw up. I don't knwo, just gotta keep watch. Kylah has slept through only a couple handfuls of nights in her life, so i totally understand. I have been told that kids with neaurological disorders can have sleep issues, kylah's wakings are largely from seizure activity, but maybe something to ask them about- or of course he could be just a toddler driving his mom nuts! :) Yeah, i think its almost therapeutic for me to vent about things. I realize that i don't really complain to anyone, not even my husband because its just like 'this is life'. But then when things happen like the teasing, or newly discovered problems i have to get it out, since of course i can't let on to her about how i truly feel. Gotta be the strong one, but sometimes i wanna cry or scream or both!!! Anyways, i also didn't read if you have any other comments about this, but also look at how many naps he is getting and for how long, maybe he is sleeping too much in the day and isn't tired enough to stay asleep all night. Just a suggestion, all my kids have been different when it comes to sleep. I think my 4 year old needs to start taking naps again, cuz he sure is moody! Hope ya can get some rest, i hope to someday too!!!;)

Ashley's Mom said...

Hope you have a great weekend, and I'm glad little man is feeling better!

jennohara said...

I'm glad to hear that Skyler is feeling almost back to his normal self!
I hope he stayed asleep for you :)