Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Or Perhaps He's Sick. Duh Me

So yesterday after being up for 24 hours, (me that is.) Skyler who did not sleep at all last night and barely ate anything came out to eat with us at midnight. He had been coughing and sneezing all night, I tried giving him some baby tylenol to help him sleep, no such luck. Anyway he sat with us and ate! It was all going so wonderfully until he started coughing/choking so hard he puked up everything in his little tummy and boy was it a lot. Now in a normal infant no big deal, give fluids, try to get them to rest. In our case we had to wait until he was done puking, administer stress dose of prednisone and watch him like a hawk to make sure he doesn't puke his drugs up or else it's time for an injection and a trip to the hospital.

Fortunately he did not puke again. But he didn't sleep much either. And neither did I. I'd say I've had roughly 8 hours sleep in the last 3 days now. Not sure how I will function at work today but I'm going to try. Luckily yesterday my supervisor offered me Friday off as a sick day. She jokingly said "I can tell you're gonna be sick by Friday" oh how accurate.

So yeah, baby not eating possibly a combination of wanting his independence and the fact that he's sick. I hope he gets better soon. And thanks for your advice, I will try it as soon as he's feeling better. I'm hoping he'll want to eat more.


Stacie said...

Oh no! Poor guy. His lack of interest in eating sounds consistent with possibly not feeling well. Either way, I hope he gets better and wants to start eating.

You poor thing too. I hope that you can get some good rest very soon.

Take care.

jennohara said...

You need rest for sure! I hope you both are feeling much better soon :)