Friday, April 16, 2010


Okay so I have sat down at least 6 times over the week to attempt to write a new blog post. And I have failed all 6 times. Anyway here I am, along with Skyler who keeps attempting to help me write this post by pressing the ` over and over. I think he's trying to say "Mom you're doing it wrong. Old people shouldn't use computers" My child gets cuter and cuter each passing day. I don't think he could stop if he tried. Right now he is in the process of yelling "Da! dad! Da! Ga!" as his daddy tries to nap on the couch.

Today Skyler decided instead of sharing his food with daddy he would tease him, offer the food and then stick it in his own mouth. Quite hilarious I wish I had caught it on camera. Meals at the table together are quite nice. Skyler's been feeding himself quite well, and exploring his world. PT visited again on Wednesday, she said he is pretty much on par developmentally with his gross motor skills, we just need to encourage him to stand while holding onto some more "shaky" things. He's only holding onto things he is sure are secure for the most part right now. He is still hating that feeling of instability. We want him to get comfortable with that so he will stand and walk on his own.

Speech therapy says he is doing well too, meeting his milestones and ahead in some. She said by one he should have one word, but we'll count "no" and his "ahh dun" as his words. She said he's got great oral motor skills and she has no worries about that. She said that after our next visit we won't see her or PT again until we reach the top of the waiting list. Which for SLP is about 2 years or so, and PT is around 6 months. PT isn't that bad of a wait, but we already have our CNIB OT, so PT isn't really a necessity, I'm more concerned about speech. Since my coverage does pay for Speech therapy I'm considering getting him a private SLP. If you have any thoughts/experiences with this let me know, I could use some advice.

Wednesday we had a church session entitled "Journeys: U, UU, and US" or something like that. Anyway it was great. It was a two hour thing from 7pm to 9pm, and there are three parts. We stuck Skyler downstairs with the caregiver. It was his second time there, and I was worried he might fuss because it was past his bedtime. I snuck down at 8 to peek and he was crawling happily around the room unlike last time where she had to hold him the entire time. So I snuck back upstairs (one good thing about having a blind kid is he doesn't always notice you checking up on him and therefore doesn't get upset about me showing up and leaving again) and when I went back down at 9 to get him I heard crying through the door. Oh no I thought he must be upset and ready for bed. However when I opened the door I saw the caregiver holding the other baby L (little girl who's almost two.) who was crying and ready for bed, while Skyler was standing happily at the table.

She said he was great the whole two hours. Didn't fuss a bit, he played ball with L, and ate goldfish, had his bottle, and was overall a wonderful little guy. I was amazed with him! Especially since he was awake past his bedtime. After church we decided to stop at my mom's since it was on our way home and Skyler and I were hanging out in the kitchen next to my mom when Skyler decided to jump ship and reached over for grama to hold him. It was very cute, and my mom was so happy that he's comfortable enough with her now that he is going to her on his own. Lately he's been very attached to me, so it was nice to see him go to grama from me.

I had my interview today for volunteer services. I think it went quite well. She said she'd have somewhere for me to go by next week or the week after at the latest. I'm quite excited. I can't wait to go and volunteer and get some more experience. I'm pretty sure other things have happened since the last post, but I can't really think right now so I'm going to leave this as is. Thanks for all the comments on my last post everyone! And if you have any suggestions/ideas about the SLP thing please let me know.


jennohara said...

Sounds like Skyler is doing great!! I know all about the clingy-ness's nice when they go to other people!

Stacie said...

Aww, sounds like Sky is doing very well with everything. That's nice when you can feel comfortable leaving him with the caregiver at church and know he's happy too.

LuckyOnce said...

What a good little guy! They are so very cute at that age. I can definitely understand the instability thing with him. Must be really scary to think about making the transition to less stable things when he's not able to see everything that's around him. He's really doing great though!