Monday, April 26, 2010

Oh No, So it Begins

Where did my wonderful little baby go? He's turned into a fussy toddler. My child who would eat anything and everything in large quantities has begun refusing food. Foods that he previously loved. His latest thing now is to push away just about any food I give him. Yesterday a plate of vegetables. He picked off each piece and threw it on the floor. Strawberries? Swiped his hand across the table and threw them to the floor. Bread? Ate two or three pieces, threw the rest on the floor. The only thing he would eat yesterday was a handful of french fries. Today, a bowl of cereal this morning, he slowly picked at it until it was 2/3rds empty and then started whining and complaining. Yogurt? I managed to get the spoon into his mouth twice, he spit it out both times and refused to even open his mouth after that. Cucumbers? No way. The only thing my child wants to eat is cookies, french fries, and other junk food. I managed to feed him a lot of whole wheat crackers with hummus tonight but that's not a real dinner. Sigh. I gave him a bottle of toddler formula before bed.

This doesn't bode well for his growth. He is already tiny to begin with. I know he is a toddler and is going to go through these stages. I knew we had it too easy with the baby who loved everything. I'm worried too that it may be a side effect of his medications. He hasn't had any so far really, but I'm pretty sure either one or both have decreased appetite as side effects. He's been on the drugs since he was two months old it's not really feasible to think he will have no side effects whatsoever.

He also doesn't want to sleep all night anymore. He had me up at 2am this morning, he screamed bloody murder until I went to get him and then he wanted to play even though he was tired. What happened to my sweet little guy? Oh well. He is still happy as ever during the day and pretty healthy aside from not wanting to eat. I guess we just have to rough out those toddler years. I guess it's time I stock up on more formula. At least he seems to drink that..


Stacie said...

I'm pretty sure your sweet little guy is still in there ;) Laney does that too. Things she loves one day, she'll refuse the next (strawberries, etc.). Keep offering him the foods you know he likes. He may change his mind tomorrow.

Listen to me, haha, I'm sure you already know all this - so ignore my assvice.

Kids, especially toddlers, seem to like to throw their parents for a loop. That's about the only thing they're consistent with, being inconsistent.

jennohara said...

Hanna already hit this stage...
I stopped letting her feed herself for a while. She's so small, she needs to eat, so I sit her on my lap to feed her, and she's good with that. Maybe you should just try something like that?