Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Therapists

Today we had our first visit with Skyler's new speech language pathologist and physiotherapist. They came together as they both work out of the same place and I guess they provide services together which is pretty neat. (We're on a two year waiting list for regular services, but they apparently provide visits while you're on the waiting list. Bonus.) We enjoyed the visit even though Skyler woke up at 7 and didn't go back to sleep until after the appointment which was at 1pm. They were both very nice ladies though I am doubtful we will be seeing the SLP again after next month as she was 8 months pregnant. They scheduled two more appointments before they left, for April 14th and 28th.

The visit went quite well, they brought toys, Skyler of course was tired and didn't do nearly as much as usual especially since he had an audience of two unfamiliar people. He's used to his CNIB OT coming and bringing him toys but these two were new so he played shy a little bit and towards the end he was ready to pass out. But despite all that they were very impressed with him. They said he's meeting a lot of the markers of speech language development (she was very happy about his baby signs, and that he's definitely communicating, she said the words will come!) and the physiotherapist said she's seeing lots of wonderful movement. They were impressed with all the different things we expose him to in terms of activities and learning and experiences. They were pleased of course that we're so well organized and that I have a background in child development.

So next week we have our NP on Tuesday the 6th, CNIB OT on Friday the 9th, then the week after we have the Phsyiotherapist on Wednesday, followed by the SLP on Thursday the 15th, then we'll have them both together again on the 28th. Followed in May by opthalmology, endocrinology, etc etc. The list goes on. I'm not complaining, I love these sessions. First it gives me a reason to make sure the place is super clean, second I love showing off everything our son is doing lately, and third I love that if I have a concern about his development I have a team of people to ask who will be supportive, and let me know if he's on track, and if not they give me activities and exercises to do with him to strengthen those areas.

It does get crazy hectic at times though wondering when I am going to be able to squeeze everything in, and this Spring Break has not been much of a break for me and it's almost over. That's not just because of all the appointments though, there have been lots of other stresses in my life that I just don't need right now. Things that have nothing to do with my family for a change. Sometimes you just have to cut yourself off from others and let them figure out their own problems. I think this is one of those situations.

In other happy news I ordered a brand new dining set a couple of days ago and it's already being delivered on Saturday. Yay! Now to get rid of the old one. We've been looking for a new place for a while now. I'm still not sure where we're going to be in a few months time, but hopefully we'll have a nice two bedroom apartment in a nice area of town. The goal is still to save for a mortgage, but we may have to take a place with higher rent just so we can have our own room. I kind of miss being able to sleep in my $600 bed that I bought while I was pregnant with Skyler. It's just gathering clean laundry right now. Haha.

And now I shall leave you with a glimpse into the future, of my (someday) teenaged Skyler on the phone:


Lopez Family said...

Yeah that's totally fine to link the blog. I will check out the "bench" blog. I am gonna look at some of your links you have. I don't think i have seen a few of them! And i am totally interested in Skylers progress! I remember when Kylah first started ot/pt/st/vt. She really hated working as hard as they wanted her to, but it totally paid off. Now she still does them all but not speech. I just had her neurology appt, friday is her opthalmologist, in 2 weeks is the endocrinologist.... where does the time go?!

Stacie said...

I cannot believe how grown up Skyler looks in that picture. That is way too cute.

His appointments seem to be going amazingly well! So glad to hear that. That's awesome that he still see the specialist even while being on the waiting list. He's being well taken care of.

Yay for the new dining table. You'll have to show us pictures once it's settled in its place.

jennohara said...

Hi Azaera,
It's so nice to "meet" you.
Thanks for visiting my site, and I'm so glad you introduced yourself.
Skyler is SO beautiful! I'm trying to learn more about his condition. We don't have an official diagnosis for Hanna yet.
I haven't been able to go through all your posts, but I'm a follower now too, so that's my plan! It's also so great that you're a fellow Canadian! :) We also work with the Early Intervention Program at CNIB.
Looking forward to talking to you!

jennohara said...

Hi again Azaera!
I was going to email you, but I can't find your address...
Could you just email me at, so I have your address? I'd love to get into details with Hanna, and learn everything about Skyler.
Talk to you soon!