Saturday, April 3, 2010

Date Night

I just had my first real date since the baby came home from the hospital. My mom offered to watch Skyler since Chuck has done so much for her in the last few months (shampooed and steam cleaned her carpets, upgraded/installed her tv, internet, and phone cables, gave her a newer computer, we also bought her a vacuum since hers was broken). We like to pitch in when we can, and she is very gracious and wanted to repay us somehow and she happens to love her grandbaby very much so she offered to babysit.

Today was a crazy day, we got our new table set delivered. Tried to put it together and uh yeah it didn't want to go. We called the company they said we have to call the webstore where we got it from. Which of course is not open until Monday. So we have a pile of table and chair pieces that don't fit together properly and a store that won't do anything about it even though they are in the city and they were open when we called. We decided we couldn't live without a dining room table for whatever reason and said that we're just going to return it on Monday when the store opens, and we went out to search for a new set. One that would be sturdy and look nice without costing an arm and a leg. We spent the entire afternoon searching furniture store after furniture store.

Eventually we settled on this at the The only problem is of course they don't have it in stock right now and so we will have to wait until April 6th or 8th or whenever they get it in. Oh well it's a nice table, it was sturdy in the store and they had a huge sale on all furniture (20% off everything) meaning it was only $200. Not bad. Then of course we um somehow decided that we also needed a new couch. In fact, two new couches because we had to have matching ones. You would think that it would be me wanting this. Typically it's the guy complaining about the wife making them buy all this crap. Not in our family, this is why we jokingly call Chuck my wife. He's the one who needs us to have the matching set of couches. So yes we walked out of there with two brand new couches.
They are gorgeous honestly. Looks a lot better than the old hand-me-downs you've seen in many a picture of ours. The only problem is they are not as cushy as I'd like. We're kind of like the 3 bears in Goldilocks. Daddy likes it too firm, mama likes it too soft, and Skyler is just right. Haha. So I'm hoping these firm couches will soften up over time while C says they are perfect right now. Oh well the bed has a super thick pillow top. Ya win some ya lose some. They say marriage is about compromise, I think this one is fair enough.

Anyway having a lovely late dinner all to ourselves tonight was a wonderful way to end the evening. We managed to have a real drink (something we haven't done in 2 years) I had a banana strawberry rapture (It's like some sort of fancy smoothie with some vodka in it. Delicious) and he had a beer. We each got something different and we shared our dinners, and topped it all off with a super tasty brownie and icecream. Which I think the server (who was actually the manager since it was dead in there) gave us two brownies and two scoops of icecream even though we only ordered one just cause he was a nice guy. Totally awesome. It was a wonderful date!

I hope you all are having a great weekend as well! Oh and Happy Easter to those who celebrate it!


Stacie said...

Oooh, I like the table that you'll be getting. That's totally our style too. Love the new couches as well! I'm like C, things have to match; otherwise, it would drive me crazy.

How nice of grandma to watch Sky. Great for both of them! I hope he had fun.

Sounds like a great day over all, even if it was a bit crazy. Good crazy ;)

LuckyOnce said...

Sounds like a great day!