Monday, July 12, 2010

Guest Post

I was asked to do a guest post over on BLOOM, a blog that I've been following for a while. It's a wonderful site and the webmaster/author has a child with special needs herself. This is the post I wrote here. It's about our decision to have another child after having Skyler who (obviously) has special needs.

As for me, today I am trying to work up some energy and maybe I'll take Skyler to the wading pool close by for a bit or something. He hasn't quite been himself the last few days, I think he has a start of a cold or he's having a bad reaction to mosquito bites. On Saturday he just slept all day basically, woke up to eat breakfast, lunch, and then dinner, but aside from that was sleeping the day away. Then yesterday he was himself in the morning but when he woke up from his nap he was miserable and screaming and crying at everything which is not like him at all. I had planned on going to my mom's in the afternoon when C went to work so I almost called her and said we couldn't go. But in the end I decided I would rather have some support if he was in such a bad mood than be sitting at home with him alone while he screamed.

Turned out he was much happier at grama's house. As soon as he got there he stopped the crying/screaming bit and happily made himself busy exploring and playing with the cats. He also showed some love to grama by calling her name, pointing at her and giving her a kiss! (We'll just not mention all the hair pulling and yelling "AGH!" he did at her while he was there okay?). My mom and I talked about Christmas time and how Skyler will be two. It's pretty insane to think he's not going to be my little baby for much longer, he already thinks he's a toddler (and I guess he is..) and I'm sure the Christmas tree is going to be of much interest to him this year, with it's glittery ornaments, shiny lights and his ability to crawl super fast and pull to standing..

And as for the mystery in my tummy, it's making me quite sleepy and sometimes nauseous still. I'm starting to get a bit antsy about going back to work in September to be honest. I'm wondering if it's such a good idea to be working with children while .... you know, assuming I am still which I hope I am. I love my job don't get me wrong, it's just that schools and daycares are where you pick up the most illnesses.. Sigh, not sure what to do here, but I'm going to think on it. Maybe I'll do some meditation about it, that seems to help me. I hope you all are doing well.

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