Thursday, July 29, 2010


My boy really is growing up. In the past week or so he's started saying a bunch of new words like cracker, and ding dong. And the newest one as of yesterday while at our baby group is "girl". He was grabbing at another baby's skirt while she tried to crawl away, and later he was chasing another girl baby. I told him that was a girl and he began repeating it. It now seems to be his favourite word. Which, coupled with the new sound he started making this morning is actually quite amusing. I grabbed him from his crib and brought him to our bed. I told him to give his daddy a kiss good morning and he started making the kissy lip smacking sound. Now he says girl and makes the kissy sound. He's not even two yet.. ay yi yi.

And we've started playing a game on the bed, where he stands up holding the wall and then lets go and just stands on his own for a bit. He's doing it a lot and has even started to do it on the floor. It's very exciting for us, he might eventually walk on his own! I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high. Also his other new skill is drinking juice from a juice box. So far it's less messy than drinking from a cup so I'm all for it. He has some apple juice once in a while, but he's still mostly drinking water and milk. We're working on using a spoon, but he still would rather scoop the food out with his fingers.

I'm excited and nervous about camping this weekend. C tried to get Skyler to sleep on the air matress with him on his bedroom floor. That didn't work out so well. Skyler wanted nothing to do with laying down on the air mattress. He was too busy playing of course. I'm hoping he'll sleep on it when we're camping because he'll be so tired out from doing things all day, and there won't be much to do in the tent aside from sleep. *crossing my fingers*

This week feels like it's gone on forever and a day and it still isn't over. I just want the weekend already, and I know C is feeling it more than anyone since he starts holidays tomorrow. And after all the insanity that happened at his work yesterday I think he's more than done for a while. He actually had a lady come into the store (they sell coffee, and so they have a sink by the coffee machines to fill and empty the machines) and she took off her shirt and started washing herself at the sink! She wasn't wearing a bra, nothing. Just standing there with her tatas and everything hanging out, having a little bird bath at their sink! C told her she had to put her shirt back on, and she went nuts. She threatened to kill him, saying she's bigger than he is, and she could take him on and whatever. He ended up having to call the police and he banned her from the store. They didn't even show up, the lady left and then decided to come back a couple hours later. He called the police again, and he was pretty mad about it. Craziness.


jennohara said...

Oh my gosh! Crazy story!!
Skyler sounds like he's doing SO good! Everytime you update, there seems to be huge progress! He talks so much, that's great! Hanna doesn't say much at all...
Keep up the work with making a game out of standing. He'll be walking before you know it!

Stacie said...

What a great post, except for the part about C's work. What a crazy lady!

Sounds like Sky's vocabulary is really taking off. That's a great idea to make a game out of walking.