Friday, February 6, 2009

Best Day Ever

Want to hear about the kind of day I had? You may have a hard time topping this one in terms of embarrassing things.

Yesterday (I guess it is now since it's past midnight) seemed to stretch on forever. I usually don't work Fridays, but they needed me so I did. Originally the mama was supposed to be done at 2 and home at 2:30, but then found out she had a meeting and should be home at 3:30 or 4pm by the very latest. But I'll get back to that in a minute. Let's start with the morning.

C drives me to work everyday, we each take care of little ones. So at 5am everyday C picks up his 1 year old H, then I had to work at 8:30am so we packed up H and Skyler and took me off to work. C recently made a cd for the car with kids songs on it. I hadn't heard all the songs yet. Anyway there is one by Raffi or someone about 5 little ducklings who wander over a hill and far away and the mama duck says quack quack quack but only four come back, and then only three come back and so on until none come back. And can you imagine that on my way to work while listening to this song for the first time, I burst into tears! Not just a little trickle down your cheek tear, but full on crying. Because people! The mama lost her ducklings!! Of course in the next verse they all come back, but seriously even if they were only gone for a day she had to have been worried out of her head.

Now I swear I don't normally burst into tears over Raffi songs. The wonderful reason for this little insane reaction is that I have an aunt visiting. YET AGAIN. Let me explain something here, and feel free to skip ahead because this is your TMI warning. When I had Skyler I bled the customary 3 weeks or whatever it is. For me it was 3 weeks. So it ended early December. My period showed up on January 5th. Okay no problem here, that seems reasonable. It ended around the 10th or 11th. Longer than usual but I expected it to be different. Except that it came back on the 18th.. Um maybe someone forgot to tell you AF, but you are supposed to stay away for longer than 7 days, thanks. That lasted another 6 days or so, and here we are again, I started bleeding on Thursday which was the 5th of Feb. And it's not light either, it is very very heavy and bright red, and I seem to have lots of clots.. if I didn't know any better I would think miscarriage. But I haven't been cramping.

Which leads to my next lovely embarrassing little moment of my life. Of course I had run out of pads. Of course. And now I'm at work, and my boss only uses tampons. She has pantyliners, but only a few left. So I steal one of those and try to continue on with my day. But of course it's soaked right through within about an hour or less, and is getting very uncomfortable. I try again, and it soaks through again. So I eventually decide that I can't take this anymore, and then I did something I'm sure I should never admit to doing, but I went into my son's diaper bag. You guessed it, I used a size 1 pampers diaper as a pad. Feel free to tell this story at parties where you accidentally embarrass yourself and need something horrifying to draw the attention away from yourself.

So back to me waiting for the day to end so I can run to the store and get some real pads. I had hoped to go to the Super Store near by because the one by my place had baby clothes on sale. They go all out once a season and mark things down to 94 cents to $5.97. These are nice clothes too. Anyway C shows up to get me at 3:30, because my boss says that's when she should be home. C has little H in the car with him. Well you guessed it, the meeting ran late. She didn't get home until after 4:30. This day seemed to never end. I had fed Sky at 3pm and put him in his carseat at 3:30 thinking she would be home any minute.. And that any minute stretched into an entire hour. So we get to the store, quickly find the pads and I picked out about ten items of baby clothes (which I got for $20. Not bad at all) and try to get our crying baby out of there as quickly as possible because by now he is hungry again and not to happy about being in his carseat for so long.

Wait, the embarrassment doesn't end just yet. He's so hungry and so frantic that I leave C my debit card, and take Sky out to the car. Can you guess? I breastfed him in the parking lot at superstore. I didn't bother to cover myself or anything, nope I swear I have no dignity left. I'm already wearing pampers. The woman in the car next to us on my side of course, gets into her car and probably caught an eyeful of tit but hey who cares, every nurse in the St B hospital has seen it, why not random people at a grocery store parking lot. I didn't even care really, my son was happy with his boob. Isn't that all that matters?

So shall we recap? Cried over a Raffi song, used my son's diaper as a pad, showed my boobs in broad daylight in a busy parking lot, yep sounds like a great day to me. How about you? Can you top this one?


Mrs. Spit said...

I work for a bank. In corporate office. I am ready to step out the door to go to the office, and I realize that I have left the shoes that I wear back and forth to work under my desk. It's just snowed, so I don't want to wear my heels. I can't find a single pair of shoes, other than ballet flats and yellow crocs. I don't want to wear the ballet flats, so I throw on my crocs.

I drive to work, into the building and am in the elevator. standing next to the chairman. Nice hair, make up, suit, hose and yellow crocs on my feet.

Amy said...

Too funny! I'm glad you can laugh about it (tee hee...I typoed "tit" first instead of it...thought about leaving it, as that's sort of appropriate...).

My day wasn't nearly as eventful.

She said...


Never Clever said...

I would say that you're resourceful.

Isn't Aunt Flo a biotch? She always shows up when she's not welcome.

Hormones have such bad timing don't they?!

I have had to do the same thing - nurse Laney in my car is a mall parking lot. I didn't care who was around either - my baby was sca.reaming her head off. Good for you!

I hope your weekend is less eventful!