Monday, February 16, 2009

Back To School

Yes, I'm doing it. I start in April. I'm taking distance ed, and I'm going to get my ECE II. Which is Early Childhood Educator Diploma. Meaning I'll be able to teach nursery school or run a licensed daycare center or preschool. I can't wait, I love working with young children. And I'll be able to take my courses at home, so I won't have to sacrifice my work or time with my son.

Tonight C turned off all the fuses in the apartment and we just disconnected from everything. It was lovely. We lit candles, and relaxed. It's crazy to realize just how plugged in we are to everything, it felt strange taking a few hours without using my laptop or watching tv. Very nice.


Never Clever said...

Congratulations on starting school soon. That's very exciting. How long will your courses take you to complete?

Azaera said...

Two years, but the course I'm starting in April is done in June.

Amy said...

I love the unplugging idea. D and I should do that.

And yay for going back to school! That's so exiting!