Sunday, February 15, 2009


This past week was interesting. C broke so many glasses we had to go buy a new set of them. In fact we got two new sets, one for me and one for him. We're giving the remaining of our old set away to friends who don't have many glasses. I redid my bathroom, it is no longer a mismatch of random towels and accessories, it has a theme now. Black and blue, everything matching, except the shower curtain which is clear.

Skyler has had diarrhea for the last week or so. I was starting to freak out, apparently RSV can cause it. On Thursday at work, he puked all over me and himself, and then immediately after had an explosive diaper, that I noticed when I went to take off his pukey clothes. Nothing was safe. His shirt, his pants, his onesie, his blanket, his bum, his back, his legs, his arms, his ear, it was literally everywhere. I texted C, told him that baby was sick, told him about the puke and the poo and how I was freaking out. He said "I'm sorry he's sick what do you want me to do from here?" Gee thanks dear, how about bring some clean clothes and blankets for your son. So I threw all his clothes, and my sweater in the laundry at work with some of N's clothes and texted C back, asking him to bring us some clean stuff.

He didn't respond. I spent the entire morning, holding a fussy, sicky baby who was wearing only a onesie (I normally pack him an extra sleeper in his diaper bag, but had used it the day before and forgotten to replace it) and the one clean blanket I could find. I was freezing in my little t shirt, because it's Manitoba which means it's cold. And the house where I work is old and has a crappy heating system so it's rather drafty. N had been up since 6am (oh and did I mention that this all happened at 7am? Nice start to my day, let me tell you) and was tired and cranky but didn't want to sleep. I eventually just put her into her bed and left her up there. It took her almost 45 minutes to fall asleep after talking to herself about her dolls and her cooking, and her puppies and her baby Syah.

Meanwhile I spent the morning staring at my baby, feeding him a little bit every hour in the hopes that he would be able to keep it down and not puke on the only clean article of clothing he had left. I must have called C about 100 times to ask him to come and get me and Sky at lunch time, but he had his cell phone forwarded to the house phone, and was not answering. I left about 12 messages, texted him 20 times. See we had been up all night with the baby the night before, had about a solid 2-3 hours sleep. But now C was at home asleep, and I was at work panicking and freaking out by myself.

Eventually he answered the phone at 11:30, half an hour before my lunch. Of course he was sorry. But really he knew before he passed out that Skyler was sick and I was freaking out. And yet he fell asleep anyway. And I get the exhaustion thing, really I do, hello I am breastfeeding him all night long, I am just as exhausted, and yet I managed to stay awake all morning with our pukey poopy baby making sure he was taken care of. Ugh men, sometimes I tell you..

We made up of course, I didn't stay mad at him long, because I know he is trying. And he is a wonderful daddy 90% of the time. Everyone needs to be allowed to make mistakes. I just hope he remembers this next time..

As for baby, I called the Nurse Practitioner on Friday because while he hadn't puked again he still had the diarrhea. I described everything to her, he doesn't have a fever, not lethargic, eating very well on a normal schedule, lots of pee, normal colour, etc etc. She asked about changes in my diet, yes oopsie I've been having yogurt and cheese and ice cream and milk, all things I shouldn't even be having in the first place since I am lactose intolerant. Looks like I'm the culprit. Well don't I just feel like the best mommy ever. So now I am cutting pretty much everything out of my diet. It takes up to a month for the proteins to be out of my system and his! So it could be a long time before it clears up. And no more dairy for me until he is done breastfeeding.

Other than that all has been well. C redeemed himself by making me the cheesiest Valentines day gift ever. We recently got a professional quality photo printer, and he got some iron on t shirt transfers and made me a pink t-shirt with a collage of pictures of Skyler that says Proud Mommy on the back.

Today we are off to my nana's so that my dad's side of the family can finally meet the baby. My nana is one crazy old opinionated lady, but she's a hell of a cook. And I haven't had any good Scottish food in a while. Got my fingers crossed that she's making us mince n tatties.

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Never Clever said...

Glad to hear that Sky didn't end up being sick. That can't be fun being lactose intolerant.

I hear ya 100% on the men thing. You're not alone. There was a time when Laney was about two months old when Robert was holding her, she cried, he hands her over to me...He says to me, Babies are SO much work." No shit! I said, "Try taking care of her 24/7 and then tell me how much work it is!"