Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's Official

The baby now owns more stuff than me and C, and has taken over the apartment with it.

The baby shower was pretty good. We ended up with a ton of stuff. I think Skyler is going to be the envy of all the other babies in his baby group what with the new swing, the bouncing rocker chair, new crib bedding, nursing pillow, rainforest play gym, giant box of diapers, organic baby food, playtex nurses and the mountain of new clothes. Why don't grown ups get showers? I could use some new toys and books. Haha.

Right now he is in his swing, hiccuping away. He sounds like a dog's squeak toy when he hiccups. He's been feeding like a monster the last couple of days. He's attached to my boob pretty much every hour and it's making things slightly difficult to say the least. Ever try to prepare dinner for a two year old while walking around the kitchen holding a newborn to your breast with one hand? It isn't as easy as it sounds.

I've had maybe a grand total of 3-4 hours of sleep tonight/last night/whatever day this is I have no clue. And when I say grand total I mean I am waking up every hour to feed him. Which wouldn't be so bad but he is doing that thing again where he is hungry but screams at my breast like I'm offering him brussel sprouts or something. And of course he will eventually suck a little bit and then fall asleep with the nipple in his mouth, I try everything to wake him and nothing works, oh and do not try to remove that nipple if you want to keep it attached to you. For someone who isn't using it to feed he sure keeps a good grip on it. When I eventually do manage to extracate him from it and put him down to sleep he wakes up and begins rooting and crying all over again. Rinse and repeat. Funny thing is that he tends to like to do this in the middle of the night when I am most exhausted and feeling less than patient with his antics.

On another note he is becoming more alert and aware of the world around him. He's started noticing that hey there is stuff to look at around here. He's been spending a lot of time just staring at me, which is wonderful. I bet he thinks I am some sort of weirdo though with the huge smile and wide eyes repeating "Hi!! I'm your mooooooooommmy yesss I aaaaaaaam" in a high pitch voice over and over. Oh well at least there will be no confusion over who this embarrassing woman is. Heh heh. Poor kid. Anyway he is getting a little disenchanted with his swing, and his daddy was supposed to be up a while ago.. Time to go. Hope you all are well.


Ya Chun said...

This post just makes me happy.

Do you have a baby sling? That might help with the mobile breast feeding....

He's too young to think you are weird yet - to him you are everything!

Never Clever said...

Oh yes, I remember the days when Laney was newborn and I would make myself lunch while nursing her. Not easy to do.

I am so glad that the baby shower was a success. I like what you said about grown up showers. Good idea! haha

Does Sky use a pacifier? I know that it's frowned upon by Pediatricians here when a baby is nursing as it can cause nipple confusion.

Azaera said...

Yeah, Ya Chun I LOVE the sling I have three of them and intend to get more later. I forgot to bring it to work yesterday and was sad. That's why I had to hold him with one hand. And he does have a paci but he doesn't use it, he does the proper breastfeeding suck with it and it just pops out of his mouth.

He did have nipple confusion when we got him home though from being on the bottle in the hospital for so long, but he has since been on breast only for the last 3 weeks. I have no idea why he does what he does, but he just opens his mouth really wide and turns his head this way and that as though looking for the nipple even though it's already in his mouth.

Amy said...

I'm glad the shower was so good! Yay for fun baby stuffs!

It's so good to read happy stuff about a baby, even if you're tired and overworked, you sound happy - content. I love it.