Wednesday, February 18, 2009

3 Month (w/ pics!)

He's in 3 month clothes. Seriously people, this baby is only a month old adjusted, if I had given birth to him in January he would have needed a mortar bomb to blast out of there. The Nurse Practitioner says he's going to be tall and thin. He's measuring almost 2 feet already! And his head is proportionate to his body, which is odd. I'm hoping that's just normal for him and not that he has some sort of brain abnormality.

He's developing rapidly too, he rolled over twice yesterday and twice this morning. Last night he almost slept through the night (well he woke up every 4 hours to feed and easily went back to sleep which is about the same thing to me) I think I actually got a total of 8 hours. Amazing! Oh and he will hold onto toys that I put into his hand and he actually puts them into his mouth to chew on. Should he be doing that already? Oh and he does this weird chewing thing after he eats. I'll finish breastfeeding him and he's gumming away like I've given him something to chew on. C actually asked me what I was feeding him one time. Isn't that something they are supposed to do when they are old enough to eat baby food?? If he thinks I'm gonna crack open a jar of applesauce he had better just hold onto his knickers. He can wait until April for that.

Last night C and I did our cooking for the week. Literally. We made stew, hamburgers, chili, and shepherd's pie. I still have to make the vat of pasta and then I think we're done for a while. The idea was if we make everything at once and freeze it in individual portions then we won't have to do any real cooking for a while. Which will help with the whole avoiding dairy thing, because half the time I get hungry and there's nothing made and I'll just grab whatever I find, and that's harder now that I can't have a cup of yogurt or a grilled cheese sandwich. We actually had a great time cooking together, spending time together in the kitchen was fun. We put the baby in his close & secure sleeper thing and put him in the kitchen with us, and talked to him while we cooked.

In other news, it looks like February is a very expensive month. My course is going to cost $324, and the other day we got in the car to go to the bank or the store or somewhere and realized something wasn't quite right. We went over a tiny bump in the road and my head almost hit the roof of the car. Now I have to hold my boobs in place everytime we drive because they're full of milk and it hurts when they bounce. I made Chuck take the car to his cousin's auto shop this morning, and he confirmed what I suspected: the shocks are busted in the front. So that's getting fixed on Friday and is going to cost $400. Luckily his cousin is going to do the work for us and we can pay him half up front and half later or something like that.

Skyler has managed to spit up twice in the span of a few hours and has gone from his 0-3 month outfit that fit perfectly, to his 3 month outfit that fit really well, to a 0 month outfit that is way too small on him. But H (the 1 yr old that C watches) is sleeping in our bedroom where Skyler's dresser is so I can't go rifle through his drawer of sleepers to find him something that fits.

I'm excited for Friday, it's going to be a very busy day. 9 am we're taking the car to get fixed, that won't be done until about noon or 1pm. Then 1:45pm is Skyler's check up with the Nurse Practitioner. (I can't wait to find out how much he weighs now!) Then after that we're having friends over for dinner. I love not working Fridays. (Watch, now that I've said that they'll ask me to work.)

Oh yesterday we went to the mall to talk to my cousin who works there. And we finally brought the stroller with us. We were walking along minding our own business when this little girl who must have been about 8 came racing up to us and grabbed onto the handle of the stroller and tried to pull down the stroller canopy so she could see the baby. Now we were walking, and she stopped the stroller when she grabbed it, and almost knocked it over, she wouldn't let go either. C was pushing it and was pretty pissed off. He was like "Excuse me?!" And then another girl ran up and tried to look at Skyler. Must have been the first one's sister. Anyway we walked back a few paces to find the parents who were sitting on a bench not even looking in the direction of their kids. And asked them if they would mind actually watching their children because they almost tipped over our stroller. Seriously what is wrong with people today?? When I was a child I was taught it's very disrespectful to invade anyone's space. In fact I wouldn't even step on the corner of someone's lawn even if they were my next door neighbour and I had lost a frisbee or a ball in their yard. Ridiculous I can't even imagine grabbing someone's stroller, even if I knew them.

And now, as a reward for reading my long boring post some funny pictures of my little guy:


She said...

Cutie!! What a big strong guy he's getting to be!

Never Clever said...

He looks more like he's 3 months rather than a 1-month old. He's a healthy growing boy! Let us know how much he weighs.

I cannot believe how quickly they grow out of their clothes. Laney has slowed down a tiny bit now that she's 8 months.

That's a really good idea to cook that far in advance. I would like to do that, but my husband is so finicky with things that are frozen. While on maternity leave, my mom baked us a lasagna and put portions in the freezer. He wouldn't eat them. Fine! More for me.

Amy said...

Oh he's so cute! I love all of his little facial expressions!

CLC said...

So cute. How can you not stare at him in awe all day long?

icoobaby1 said...

What a great feeling to have such a huge baby. Don’t be so nervous about him, he would be strong and very normal person as he grew up. For now I suggest you to get him Mickey sport pushchair which is capable of holding heavy weight babies and easy to handle them.

Antigone said...

He's so cute!