Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baby Massage

I love baby massage. It is awesome. When I first started it with him he was less than thrilled. In the NICU they believe that touching a baby is too much stimulation, so you're only supposed to change their diaper, take their temp and feed them quickly, then shove them back in a swaddle and put them back in their little plastic box to wait another 4 hours to be held again. So clearly Skyler was not quite used to the whole being held and touched thing. But now he loves baby massage. After every diaper change I massage his tummy and his legs. He hates having his diaper changed, but as soon as the massage starts he calms down completely. As I rub him I tell him the names of each part, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, heels, feet, toes. I definitely recommend baby massage for when your little one is fussing.

The day before yesterday we took one of the gift cards we got at the shower, and we bought him the rainforest play gym from Wal Mart, it's pretty cute and he seems to like it so far. We also got his high chair. At the baby shower one of C's aunts gave us a $150 gift card for sears to buy the high chair. So we looked at Sears and the cheapest one there was over $150, and they were all ugly. So we ended up using the gift card to buy Sky's bedding instead. We had looked all over the city while I was pregnant for crib bedding with stars and moons and had found nothing. Which I thought was strange because crib = sleepy time = night time = stars & moons so you would think it would be more popular, but instead I found like 12 different Winnie the Pooh patterns, which give me a break that stupid bear is so overdone for babies. So when I found out Sears had the perfect bedding set I was ecstatic. We still have to wash it so I'll just show you the picture from the sears website, but it's cute. Anyway back to the high chair.

We had decided to buy it from Babies R Us because they had a nice one for $54. I tend to research everything online before I buy it, and this one had a lot of good reviews. It was the Evenflo Expressions Plus. So why spend over $150 on one we don't like from Sears when we could get a much cheaper one that has good reviews from another store. So we went to Wal Mart next, and took a look at the high chairs there, but they only had three and I didn't like any of them, so just as we were about to leave C spots a bunch of boxes in the middle of an aisle (I would have passed them by, and I think I did several times, because it just looked like stock that hadn't been put away) and noticed one of them was a high chair with a $30 clearance tag on it. Turns out it was the Expressions Plus High Chair we had been looking at, marked down from $50 to $30. So we bought it. So far I am very pleased.

Our apartment is getting to the point where we need to start throwing out some of our useless junk to make more room for baby's stuff. C is a hoarder, and it drives me insane, literally. He has tons of useless crap that he cannot get rid of. If I even ask him (heaven forbid) to throw something away or give it to charity he comes up with some lame excuse, even using "sentimentality" as a reason for keeping things that we have no use for. And these are things that I know have no sentimental value whatsoever, he is just saying that so I will let him keep it. For instance he has a body pillow that is completely past it's prime. We haven't used it in ages, I tried to use it while I was pregnant, but it is so flattened out and old that it has become completely uncomfortable and basically a waste of space. We have tons of other pillows, including another far more fluffy body pillow that I hand sewed. But ask him to get rid of the pillow and we end up having a fight, and he stuffs it under the couch to hide it from me so I can't get rid of it! I kid you not ladies.

There are also boxes upon boxes of useless knick knacks that he "needs" to keep because if we ever get a house he wants to put them on display. And I'm sorry but this shit is creepy. Like terrifying clowns and other things that I would think of as tacky and pointless (sorry dear, I guess I am just not that into creepy wall hangings and that terrifying clown doll.) He has this clown thing that sits up, and he knows I hate it, so one morning he stuck it right next to the bed on my dresser so that it was staring at me when I woke up. I swear he is trying to kill me. I almost had a heart attack when I opened my eyes to that thing looking at me. In fact I feel sorry for our son, because he will no doubt have nightmares about these things that his daddy refuses to get rid of.

Not to mention all the crap his parents keep bringing over. They brought us a stupid dining table set with a leaf, and four chairs (Which wobble). We already had a nice glass table with two chairs. There are only two grown ups living here, we don't entertain much and if we do we prefer to sit in the living room. So now we have two tables and no space for either of them. Not to mention the extra couch they brought which I don't like because the cushions tend to slide right off the damn thing as soon as you sit on it. Space wasting crap. Ugh. Oh and the dresser in the bedroom that we used for the last few months which has now completely collapsed in on itself and is holding all of my underwear and other miscellaneous stuff hostage. I'm serious it's collapsed to the point where I can't open the damn thing to get anything out. We have to get rid of it so bad. This is funny because his parents brought it to us, and these are the people who said MY furniture is dangerous to have around the baby. And yet mine is all still in one piece. I'm sure that collapsed dresser that is falling apart completely is perfectly safe for when my baby starts walking and exploring.

Wow I have no idea how that got turned into a huge rant, but yeah.. time for a time out. So to soothe you (or me, whichever) I've added the crib bedding (but we don't have the mobile because I couldn't find it anywhere, which sucks cause it looks cute.) and a pic of mommy and baby.

and yes I made that hat, and mommy and daddy have matching ones. I have yet to take a pic of the three of us wearing them. It will be perfect to embarrass him when he's a teenager.. muahaha


LitterOf1 said...
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LitterOf1 said...

Reposting to fix link: Hi I am the research queen as my friends call me, haha. I found the Magical Moon Mobile from your picture on the Sears Canada website for $49.99 at this link:

I also found a $5 off of $50 Sears Canada coupon at this link:

and a $10 off a $100 purchase OR free shipping from Sears Canada at this link:

I have used those sites so I know they work. I looked on EBAY US and Canada too, but your mobile is not there.

Why would I want to help, you ask? Because your baby has been through so much and you and your whole family deserve something extra sweet now that he's home. Email me if you want more info on the deals.

LitterOf1 said...

One more thing, on my second link you must add and M to the end of the link to make it work, for the $5 off of $50 coupon. Hugs!

Never Clever said...

Okay, so I am not completely crazy. I researched EVERYTHING before buying for Laney before she was born. It was so bad that for my babyshowers, I just asked for clothes for her because I bought everything else myself.

That bedding is absolutely adorable. I am with you on the Winnie the Pooh crap. I hate it.

You might be able to find the matching mobile on

Why do men hoard?! I hate it too. Over the 7 1/2 years Robert and I have lived together, I have 'taught' him how to throw things out. He used to keep EVERY box that his stay came in when he bought it. He's a huge computer/electronic geek.

I LOVE the hat. You are so talented!!!

Never Clever said...

I mean "stuff" not 'stay'.

CLC said...

Cute picture!

She said...

Love the hat, love the bedding. :) I LOVE finding stuff on clearance. I think the highchair that you got might be the one I have for D. I love it.
I know what you mean with your husband not wanting to get rid of things. Mine is the same. You know, those thousand-and-one bowling trophy/track trophy/boy scout merit badges might come in handy some day!!

Ya Chun said...

Cute pics! I really really want to see the one with you 3 in matching hats. That is good stuff to show the girlfriend!!!

Rant rant ! It helps to get it out. Of course, it's time you guys get on the same page with stuff accumulation! I am the hoarder in our household. If there is stuff you are saving for a future house, maybe rent a small storage area (and then you can put one table and boxes of junk, um, i mean knickknacks) in storage.

And the problem with a house... they have basements where you can accumulate even more crap!! Ours - and the attic too - is full! Time to change those habits now!