Monday, October 6, 2008

and you take me the way I am

So I'm officially huge. People who I assumed knew I was pregnant before have come up to me within the last week and said "Oh congratulations, I didn't even notice when I saw you last week" and people from my Baby & Me class have asked "How far along are you now? You're finally really starting to show" And all Friday my daddy called me "fatty", but it was in a cute loving kind of way. He'd rub my tummy and chuckle and say fatty. Eh guess you had to be there.. In spanish "gordita" (meaning little fatty) is actually a term of endearment. So I'm not insulted by it. Had it been someone else, and in a different tone yeah I'd be mad.

Today was a busy busy day. Although I didn't wake up until 11:30 which is the latest I've slept in in a long long time. Technically though I did wake up at 5am to pee and have a little romp under the covers.. Anyway I finally got back the very last of my stuff from my ex, including my dining room table and chairs, my tv stand and a set of dishes. Which means never having to speak to him again. Yay. I wonder if he noticed I was pregnant... I did put on a huge sweater, but at this point it's kind of showing no matter what I wear.

After getting back all my junk, we came home and I quickly finished hemming C's little sister's pants. Then we headed out of the city to his parents place to do laundry. Which believe me going out there like once a week once every two weeks is annoying it's necessary. Not because we can't do laundry here (it's kind of costly.. but we can do it) but because C wants to visit his parents every once in a while. Which is fine by me. They might be annoying, and abusive and whatnot, but they usually behave when I am around, and I can't just tell C that he isn't allowed to see his family anymore. He loves them despite everything.

Anyway their neighbour's kid just had a baby, and they had an extra carseat so they gave it to us. Yay for free car seats. It's brand new, and it's Peg Perego. Which I hear is some sort of fancy brand. We also found out that his dad is planning on buying us the crib if we don't get it for the shower. His dad is so excited about becoming a grandfather I don't know what to think. I'm feeling very wary, hopeful that he won't try to make the same mistakes with our kid that he made with C. He has the potential to be a half decent person. I hope he decides to use that potential so I can allow him to be around the baby.

Anyhow poor C is putting away all the clothes while I sit here, and I just told him to be quiet so I could finish typing my blog.. So I better go give him some kissies..


CLC said...

Yay for free carseats is right! How awesome!

Antigone said...

That's sweet. My dad told me I was getting "fat" too. :-)