Friday, October 17, 2008

Great Googly Moogly

So the other day, as I'm making my oh so healthy snack for the day of a peanut butter sandwich, I suddenly have gut crippling lower abdominal cramping. I keel over basically into C's arms as he fortunately heard my whimpers and came to my rescue. He walks me carefully to the couch and I sit for a while. The pain is horrible, the tangible sense of panic and fear we both feel is worse. I spent the rest of that day worrying about why he wasn't kicking and when he did finally kick I worried it wasn't as strong a movement as it should have been. So on and so forth. It never ends does it? The worry? I was ready to call the nurse the second the pain returned, but it didn't fortunately. As the day progressed I realized that the day before, I had consumed unhealthy amounts of real whipped cream which as a lactose intolerant person may not have been such a good idea. Lately dairy hasn't been treating me so harshly which is why I hadn't thought of it earlier, but I'm now certain it was just my body rejecting the lactose. It hasn't happened again, and the baby is kicking stronger than ever.

So this morning I get a call from my clinic saying that my appointment for this coming monday, the 20th needs to be rescheduled.. Uhm ok? Can I come in today instead? No (of course not.) I have no idea what's happened but the earliest I can get in is Oct 30th.. ten days after the appointment I had.. Which sucks because a.) it's not like I had been looking forward to it all month and had a list of questions written down in my purse to ask her.. of course not.. and b.) after I got off the phone I realized that Oct 30th is a thursday, all my appointments have been on mondays, and there's a reason for it. I work thursdays. Monday is my day off. So there is no way I will be able to make it to the appointment and I have to call and reschedule and it will probably be even further off than before..

I seriously wonder what is going on that my nurse is gone for that long.. Perhaps a loved one died.. I hate to think it, something really bad must have happened. Anyway she is a really nice person and I hope she is okay.. In the meantime I am just going to have to suck it up. My appointment with the obgyn is Nov 7th. bleh. I don't think I'm looking forward to it, I hope she turns out to be as wonderful as everyone says.

And to everyone who participated in the stillbirth awareness, I think you did a wonderful thing, and I would like to thank antigone for bringing it to our attention. Even though I'm in Canada it's absolutely worth talking about.


CLC said...

Ugh, I hate when they reschedule. I am sorry, it's so annoying especially when you are anxious. I hope they can squeeze you in sooner!

Amy said...

Oh hon, that sucks. I hope you're able to get an appt. sooner rather than later, and I'm glad the baby's kicking fiercely! No more whipped cream for you, huh?