Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm Alright For The Moment

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. I'm feeling much better today. I've managed to pump a hell of a lot more. I've scheduled myself so that I'm pumping every 2 hours for half an hour at a time and it seems to be working well so far. I'm now 8 feedings ahead of him which is an entire day. We've had really great nurses the last couple days who are being supportive and awesome.

Today we even got to watch them give him a bath, and next time we'll get to do it ourselves. He is doing great, still desatting after pretty much every feeding, but they have been increasing his oxygen a tiny bit while he eats and putting it back down to room air afterwards to avoid the desats. Daddy got to hold him today while they tube fed him, and I pumped more milk. We found out he has gained more weight and is up past his birth weight which is great I hope he keeps gaining. They're going to weigh him again tonight. When he cries I sing to him and it seems to calm not only him but any other babies crying in the vicinity which is nice.

He is still nice and stable and holding up really well. He's very strong just like his mommy and daddy. I'm hoping the next month passes by so fast that I get whiplash cause I just want him home so bad. They say it could be anywhere from christmas time to his due date that we get to bring him home.


Ya Chun said...

It must be all the love in the breastmilk! yay!

She said...

It's amazing how much sleep matters for your mood. I remember going from an absolute emotional pile of jello and back to a real person just from the benefit of a three hour nap. It sounds like you're doing all the right things, and now you just have to sit back and enjoy how amazing your little boy is and keep feeding him that fabulous milk! Still keeping you in my thoughts...