Monday, November 10, 2008

10 Weeks..

Can you believe it? I can't. 10 weeks left to go.. It's insane. Other girls in my baby & me class are giving birth, and I can't believe that the jumping kicking bumping mass that was in their stomach just last week is now out and about in the world, looking around with wonder and wow.. It's just surreal. And thinking that if everything goes the way it should that will be my little one in 10 short weeks..

I met my OB, and by some freak scheduling problems I ended up having to take the two year old I take care of with me. And it was the day after the first snowfall or should I say dreadful snowstorm of ice, sleet, hail and loads of wet snow which by the next day had solidified into pure ice. Luckily for us the tire on the car had blown up completely 2 days prior and C had to spend 5 hours on his day off waiting at the automotive place for them to replace the two front tires. Apparently it's winter tire season.. Anyway the drive to the OB was pretty good considering we had to go super slow and such, it helped having new tires.

The OB was as great as everyone on webMD promised she would be. N (two year old) even behaved very well. She played with some plastic fish in the office, and listened intently when we heard the heartbeat. The doctor listened for the heartbeat and smiled. She said "Your baby has hiccups, do you feel that?" I nodded and she went on, "That's a very good sign, babies don't get hiccups the way we do, it means the lungs are getting prepared to breathe real air. They only get hiccups when they are happy and have all the nutrients (etc) that they need." Needless to say that was a nice reassurance. Now when I feel those hiccups I feel good, it's a reminder my baby is thriving so far. She said I'm measuring perfectly for my gestation, blood pressure is perfect, everything looks good so far. My next appointment is Friday the 21st.

The cute thing was when I got N back home, and her mom came home from work at the end of the day she asked N how the trip to the doctor was. N said "baby, hiccups!" It was so cute, I hadn't even talked to her about the baby having hiccups she just heard it when the doctor said it. It just amazes me how much they pick up and how well they listen even when you don't realize they are listening. Which is also kind of scary. Trying my best to watch my language when she is around because she could end up repeating anything I say..

Anyway I should get back to my whatever I was doing..


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Ya Chun said...

so sweet - keep on hiccuping and dancing your way through 10 more weeks, baby!

niobe said...

10 weeks left to go. This post made me feel so happy and hopeful for you.