Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Last night I had the worst asthma attack I've had in a while. It's been like 6 years since I've had one this bad. What's worse is I have no idea why it happened. Luckily I was able to wait it out, drink some coffee and sit outside and it eventually went away. If it had gotten worse I would have gone to the ER. I stopped getting my puffer years ago because I stopped having asthma attacks. What was even worse was the accompanying panic attack. Something I also haven't had in a while. Sigh.

So I finished making a hat and wrist warmers and a scarf. I gave the scarf to my mom cause it was pretty and ruffly and yeah I guess I'm just not that girly. Anyway I took some pictures, which I will post next time hopefully. Oh and I might have a job interview tomorrow.. They emailed me, but didn't get back to me with the location.. So I called and left a message asking about location and I have yet to hear back. Hopefully that pans out.


Stacie said...

Wow, that's scary. I am glad that you are okay.

Hope you get the interview and it goes well! Let us know :)

Buttercup said...

Hope you're feeling better and there is an interview tomorrow. Take good care of yourself.