Monday, August 31, 2009

Absolute Nightmare

We just got back from a 2 hour long appointment with the audiologist to check Skyler's hearing. It was a test I didn't think we needed in the first place. His hearing was checked in the NICU and he passed, after we got him home we were told we had to go to an OT because he was premature. Fine, no problem. So we took him to the OT, his tone and everything was all well and good, well she tried calling his name a few times and he didn't look at her. So she went off and told the audiology department, hey this kid is blind and didn't pay attention to me. I tried to tell her hey my kid can hear just fine, he responds to us all the time at home. But I suppose in her 5 minute evaluation she learned more than I'll ever know about my own child's hearing right?

So the audiologist called and scheduled an appointment for him, and I asked her why it was necessary and she mentioned the OT and said that since he's blind we want to make sure his hearing is okay. Right and he was blind from birth and you tested him then and it was fine. So why would it have changed? Anyways we took him to that appointment today and it was TWO hours of uninterrupted hell. My head is pounding so bad. He was supposed to be asleep for the test, so it was close to his naptime. But they had to glue a bunch of sensors to his head and jam in some earphones. You really think my baby is going to sleep with all this shit on his head? Not bloody likely. So instead of a sleeping baby we got a screaming crying, so mad he can't breathe baby for TWO hours. They kept trying. Eventually they gave up without finishing his left ear and want us to come back for a different kind of appointment in October.

It was hell. He was screaming we were trying to comfort him, he was trying to get the sensors off his head, and the earplugs kept falling out and they kept having to jam them back in. He got so upset he started sweating and the electrodes started falling off. So they were holding them on and taping them back on. It was hell! And I know for a fact my baby doesn't have hearing loss. He can hear me just fine, even if I am whispering. Also Septo-Optic Dysplasia is not linked to hearing loss so I have no idea why they are insisting we test his hearing. Oh and get this she said if he passed they'd be willing to let us go for a year before the next appt. So even if my baby's hearing is fine we have to go back and do this all again in a year?? I don't get it.

Now we have one very very exhausted baby who is too wound up to sleep. And I just know this is messing up his sleep schedule, so sleeping tonight should be fun. Especially since I have training all day tomorrow and have to be up bright and early. Can't wait...


Stacie said...

That is just awful. All the poking and prodding while the poor little guy screams. And, for TWO whole hours. Were any of the staff fazed by this?

Karen said...

I can understand why it would be critical to make sure that a child who already has a major impairment in sight or hearing would be tested to make sure that there is no impairment in the other. If there is, special measures need to be taken to make sure the child can communicate with the world and is not simply isolated.

However I don't see why they made the testing so difficult by asking that you bring him at naptime. Surely they knew that the test involves sensors and earplugs and that neither one is likely to go unnoticed by a sleeping baby. And I don't see why they didn't stop after 15 or 20 minutes and let him take a break in the waiting room or try to let him nurse and calm down. Sometimes people who are supposed to be experts on children seem clueless about kids.

Stacie said...

Ugh. I am so sorry you all had to go through that. Before you have to do this again (shudder), make them tell you what their thinking is. If they can't convince you there is a NEED for this, you could decline. Hugs.

LuckyOnce said...

That sounds like my experience with D when he had his EEG. Electrodes, screaming, sweating, crying, strapping arms down to a papoose board. Awful, awful, awful. I'm sorry you had to go through that.

Verna said...

Insurance companies and doctors sometimes don't use their heads. Let alone the people who work for them.

For starters a parent should have been allowed to stay with and explain things to the child. Comforting the child to let him know you were right there, not with total strangers and pushy ones at that.

Sorry you have had to go thru this.
I think I would put my foot down about when they were wanting to do it.
HOpefully this test will not have to be repeated every year.

Those hearing tests are unreal even for those of us that are older and can see what they are doing. I know--I've had to have them in the past.

Tina said...

Maybe the test will go better in the future when he's a little older. I had both my children's hearing tested in their first years and it was one of the most enjoyable tests they ever had, as far as medical tests go. Pain free and full of lots of attention - a kid's favorite thing :) I can see how it would tick off a baby though. Hopefully in the future it will go better!