Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Better Day

Training yesterday was great. Though the part where I got lost first thing in the morning and ended up at the wrong Y kind of sucked. Even though I ended up being a bit late I just snuck in and stood with the other late people in the doorway until the first guy finished speaking. Then we all found seats. I ended up having to sit by the trouble makers because it was the only seat left. It was actually hilarious, but the best part was the trouble maker next to me was my supervisor. I pretty much fell in love when she started singing the song from's World first thing in the morning. It only got better from there.

At lunch break I wandered around with some other girls from my centre (who I'll be working with) and we got to know each other. It was nice, then we walked out to the parking lot so one of them could put away her water bottle (we each got a free water bottle with the Y logo) and she showed us her car. The other girl pointed out hers too, so I mentioned my husband had ours. Then the other girl pipes up "How is Chuck anyway?" I'm pretty sure I did a double take. Turns out she worked with him before she got this job. I always joke that Chuck knows everyone in the city. I knew the girl looked familiar but I couldn't place her face until she mentioned it. It was pretty funny.

The lunch was catered for the training and it was awesome, pretty much made up for the eight hours of boring training stuff. That and my supervisor being hilarious. Afterward my supervisor's supervisor (the one who hired me) asked me to see her. She offered me a job at another centre with more hours.. She emailed me the hours last night and I had to decline. It was the weirdest shift I'd ever seen. 3 blocks of 2 hours with 2 hour breaks in between each. I looked at it and thought "wow how useless. I can't even bus home and back in those 2 hours, I'm stuck out in the middle of nowhere" I'm much better off with the crazy break between 9 and 3:30, at least I can go home and see my son and play with him and make it to his appointments. Plus I already got to know the staff at the centre I'm at.

All in all yesterday was good, Skyler missed me so much, I haven't really been away from him for 8 hours all at once before. He wouldn't sleep for his daddy. But when I got home ohhh boy I got the best smiles and laughs out of him, and HUGE baby hugs. It felt so so good.

On the weekend we went for a picnic with Chuck's cousin and her baby H. H is only 4 months old but is the same size as Skyler. Apparently my baby is extremely anti-social. I thought him crying when the 10 month old in our baby group kissed him was pretty much an isolated incident. Turns out it was not. Haha. It was hilarious watching him and H interact. As soon as baby H looked at Skyler or made a noise, Skyler's little pouty lip would come out and he would start crying! We actually held them up so they were both standing looking at each other, and my baby did something I'd never seen him do before. He started walking. Backwards! He literally backed away from H and turned and leapt into my arms. So cute and funny. He's going to have to learn to socialize!


Stacie said...

That's nice to get an offer with more hours, but you're right, those are some crazy hours. That would be exhausting.

That's cool that you met a lot of nice people during your training. That's great that you like your supervisor too. Those things can make such a difference.

Aww, poor little Sky doesn't like to be kissed by strange babies! haha What a cutie pie. He may be going through one of those various anti-social stages. You know how that goes I'm sure.

Karen said...

How funny that he doesn't like other babies! Quinn didn't, but I always assumed that it was because his first experience with other kids was with Zoe and she's quite overwhelming even if you're bigger than she is.

I'd have turned down the other offer, too. Unless you live next door and could go home it's pointless and you'd also end up paying more for childcare, too.