Friday, September 11, 2009

Where's My Shut Down Button?

I'm supposed to be asleep right now, and believe me I tried. I just can't shut off my brain. I laid in bed for over an hour, tossing and turning and getting nowhere with this whole sleeping thing. I have school in the morning. Or rather work. I couldn't stop thinking about everything, the kids at school, how much I miss N, Skyler and how he's growing up so fast. He turns one in November I can't believe it. It seems like it's just right around the corner.

His CNIB OT came today. I almost forgot we had an appointment with her. It's a good thing she called first because C and I had passed out in the living room and the baby was taking a nap too. We all woke up though and had a great visit as usual. I can't stress enough how much I love her. Of all the members of Skyler's "medical team" she is probably my favourite. Though I really did like his Neurologist the one time we met him. The Neuro also mentioned (and I forgot to say this before) that he had gotten ahold of Skyler's MRI and had taken a look at it, and he actually has his anterior pituitary! But it's very underdeveloped. It's super small in other words. We'll know more when we eventually send him in for another MRI though I want to wait a while to do that.

I also didn't talk about Skyler's follow-up clinic, which he attended with his daddy and his CNIB OT, I wasn't able to go because of work, so anything I have to say about it is second hand info. When she came today her and C talked about how the clinic went and that the doctors were impressed with Skyler, especially his ability to sit up on his own and his muscle tone and how he uses visual cues. Apparently they put him on the waiting list for a speech therapist, just in case he develops problems later on with his speech. The waiting list is about a year long so I guess it's best to get on it now even though it seems to be progressing normally at the moment.

I have so much floating around in my head at the moment that I can't put it all into words so I'm going to leave it at that, and maybe once C gets home from work I'll be able to unwind and finally get some sleep. There's a storm coming in, and I think I'm feeding off its energy. Must be the metal arm, like a lightning rod. Okay, now I know I'm tired, I've entered rambling territory.

If you haven't read the post before this one, go check out the pictures at the bottom of it. They are adorable. (When isn't my baby adorable? haha)


Karen said...

Oh wow! How cool is it that he has his anterior pituitary! I know it doesn't make much difference now, but imagine the medical care he could get in 20 years. I bet they'll totally have treatments to help stimulate it.

Amy said...

I hate it when I need to sleep but can't stop thinking. There should be an automatic shut-down button.