Sunday, September 13, 2009


Today C woke up early and made us breakfast. We all sat together at the table and Skyler pigged out, and it was lovely. We don't often have enough time with our odd schedules to get together and eat at the table as a family. We had Sunday breakfast last week too, I'm hoping it becomes a routine for us. Something we can do together each week. Skyler has been standing while holding onto the couch for a while now, but only if we help him stand first. But now.. he's starting to figure out this whole pulling himself up thing! Uh oh!
Technically I helped him a little in the last picture there to stand up completely.. But still I think it's time to lower the crib. I'm sure he's going to figure out how to get all the way up on his own very very soon.


Stacie said...

Oh yeah, definitely time to lower the crib. In no time, Skyler will be pulling himself up on anything and everything.

He's so cute! I love his crib and bedding :)

Ashley's Mom said...

Let the fun begin :)