Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday Night

Last night was not particularly fun. Right before bedtime (Skyler's not mine) I gave him his trivisol (vitamin drops breastfed babies are supposed to have) and he decided to breathe in as he was swallowing and inhaled some of it. He was coughing and his face turned red, above his lip became pale. He was having trouble breathing. I went through what I knew to do from my First Aid Responder stuff, and he coughed for a bit and finally seemed to regain his ability to breathe normally once again. He was still coughing for a while after and there was a bit of a wet sound on occasion when he'd breathe in. So I figured being the worrier that I am I had better call Health Links. It's a 24/7 number you can call to talk to a nurse and ask questions. The nurse suggested I bring him to Children's to be sure. Too much fluid in the lungs obviously is not good and can cause problems like pneumonia.

So 4 hours later we see the doc who says, yeah he probably got a little bit into his lungs but it should be absorbed, he's going to cough for a while, but otherwise he'll be fine. He was glad I brought him in just to be sure, he said better to be a bit paranoid and worried than to leave it and have something horrible happen. It still sucked though. So to make a long story short we spent from 9pm until midnight sitting in a room full of sick, screaming kids and people with masks on due to the H1N1 thing. My baby didn't get any sleep and didn't want to sleep when we got home at 1am either. And I felt like the world's worst mom. What a lovely way to spend a Friday night. Not.


Stacie said...

I'm glad that Skyler ended up being okay. I'm sorry that both of you didn't sleep well. Get some good night's sleep tonight!

Karen said...

For sure not the world's worst mom. If you were a bad mom you wouldn't be giving him vitamins or taking him to the hospital to make sure he was safe. You're a great mom. You really are.

Heather said...

I'm echoing Karen here. You can't be a bad mom. You care. You make sure he gets the help he needs. You make sure he gets checked out when you're not sure.