Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Day of School

Yesterday was my first day, and it was fun! I learned how we set things up first thing in the morning, how to sign kids in and out, and how to answer the phone and take down communication notes. In the afternoon I made friends with a girl in grade 3, it was her very first day at a new school, I told her it was my first day too! We played teacher and I was the student. She put me on the "disiplant" (discipline) list and the good list which she wrote on the chalk board. If I got too many checks on the disiplant list then I'd have to ride the preschool bus to school everyday. And I got 11 checks on the good list so I get to go to Hawaii for summer break, but if I get more checks on the disiplant list then I have to take 100 kindergarten kids with me to Hawaii and feed them and take care of them. Kids have amazing imaginations, I could not make this stuff up.

This morning I spent an hour and a half playing games with a group of kinders & grade ones. We played Cranium and Connect 4, then at 8:30 we took the kinders to the kinder-daycare room and I had them introduce themselves and listen to O Canada over the P.A. when the school announcements came on. And then it was time for me to go. Now I have 6 hours to kill before I go back this afternoon. It goes by so fast when you only work a couple hours at a time, especially when you're playing games.

The kids are so unbelievably cute. There is one in grade one whose backpack is the same size as her. She's so tiny! I don't know how she lifts that thing. I can't imagine my little guy being that big some day, and doing half the things these little ones do. Boggles the mind. Also 50 kids in one room is insane. Fun, and insane. And this isn't even our whole group. We have a total of 75, with 42 on a waiting list. They aren't all there at the same time though. Some kids are only mornings, some are only afternoon. Some are only Mon, Wed, Fri. Etc. You get the idea. Anyway it's great. I can't wait to go back this afternoon.

Oh and Skyler was very well behaved for his babysitter, or so I heard anyway haha. Not so sure how he will do this afternoon though since he woke me up at 3am this morning and we've both been awake since then. We're all having a bit of trouble getting used to the new schedule. We haven't had to wake up so early in many months. He was cranky for his daddy this morning. Hopefully he won't be cranky this afternoon. Fingers crossed. I managed to get him to nap just a few minutes ago. I think I'm about ready for one myself. But first..

"I'm sure I can figure this thing out.."

Two Bears & a Baby

"This rocking chair is fun! Now how about you let me try driving the car?"


Ashley's Mom said...

Skyler is so incredibly cute!!!

Stacie said...

Ahhh, those cheekies. They're sooo cute and squishy. I think the one of him in the sink is way too cute.

I am SO happy to hear that you love your job so far. You are a brave, BRAVE woman to be around all those kids.

Hua said...


Sounds like your first day at work went really well! I'm always surprised by kids' imaginations. They are so creative! Cute pictures!

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Karen said...

I'm so glad your first day at work went well. I bet it was hard to leave Sky, though. He is SO cute.

Amy said...

He's so adorable! And I'm so glad you like your new job!