Friday, August 28, 2009

Neuro update

So happy this morning is over. The appointment went better than expected. We had to wait longer than we expected too, and that sucks, and I was slightly late.. but my supervisor seemed to be understanding. The wait for the appointment turned out to be okay though. The doctor was extremely thorough, as he mentioned a few times that he had obtained all of Sky's files and looked over them before the appointment, and he had things ready to explain to us. But as we talked he found out that we already knew everything there was to know about our son. He kept saying how impressed he was with our knowledge and how on top of everything we were.

Skyler appears to be developing very well, at and above where he needs to be in most areas. He was very impressed with him, and with his ability to babble, and sit up and everything that he does. He said sometimes babies with the septo-optic dysplasia have problems with mental development (which we already knew) but him babbling and doing everything he should be on time, the neuro was not concerned. He said we have the option to get an MRI done to see where everything is at, in a year or so. But he isn't concerned about it, and said it was totally up to us. He said we could see him in one year, but then followed that by saying that we are so together with everything that we could certainly wait two years before going back, and we'd be able to find out much more by then. We chose that option.

My first little meeting at work went well, and I'm excited to get started. It's a school centre, so the youngest kids are kinders (4 or 5 years old). I'm working with the grade 1-3s I think.. Anyway it shall be interesting. I hope you all are well. Please leave a comment and let me know how you're doing!


Stacie said...

That is fantastic news! I am so happy to hear that the appointment went so well and that Sky is making tremendous progress.

What will you be doing at your new job?

Karen said...

That is very, very cool. I am so impressed by how together you are as a new parent. And I have to say those kids are lucky to be getting someone like you to work with them. I bet you're an awesome teacher.

Stacie said...

So glad that things went well at the appointment! Skyler's an amazing little guy, and it is so great when the medical world gets to see that, too!

What is it with neuros always being late? Jeez. Ours is, too.

P.S. Totally understand the relief that you feel at the end of these types of appointments!

CLC said...

Glad to hear that things went well. Sounds like it was a good appt. Good luck with the new jobs.