Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Looking Up

I can't wait for June, I just keep telling myself 5 and a half more months! Haha. Tonight I have a workshop called "Dealing with Challenging Behaviours" I'm actually excited to go to it. I love learning new things, and hopefully it will be helpful for work and home. The workshop is three nights, one tonight, one next week and one the week after that. Luckily it's at the Y right by my place too. My supervisor said I can leave work an hour early today and tomorrow (and still get paid) so that the two hours I spend at the workshop tonight (unpaid) are made up for. So I'm pretty excited about that.

I also booked Jan 21st off of work entirely, I can't wait until then. Sky has his opthalmology appointment, which I am both excited and worried about. He only wore his glasses for about 2 months out of the 4, but I honestly think he's using both eyes now more than ever before, in fact he is using his right one more than his left now (not too much more mind you) which is why it's probably a good thing he stopped wearing the glasses, because now his left eye is getting less use. I'm a bit worried though because like I mentioned a few posts back, Mr. Cutiepants is seeing a lot more. The only reason this is troubling is that he will likely be reclassified as Visually Impaired (though I believe his opthalmologist said we will wait until he is 3 to reassess his vision) and the problem with that is that the government will take away his disability tax grant. Meaning he won't have the money he needs to get supports like a Brailler, Large Print texts, etc. etc. Which he will still need.

So I'm thinking it's going to be one of those "great news, slightly bad news" situations. I'm so happy that his vision is improving and he seems to be seeing a lot more than we thought he ever would. On the other hand I am saddened that he may lose his benefits and supports that he will need once he starts learning. Also the school system will grant us less supports as well if he is visually impaired instead of legally blind. Which is fine by me since I have no intention of sending him to a public school until he is old enough to take care of himself and insist that his educational needs be met. Of course I will be standing behind him when he needs me, supporting him every step of the way. Still, the classification is such a stupid thing, I don't like how he suddenly doesn't qualify for support just because he can see a foot or two further than we thought.

After the opthalmologist appointment (which takes hours) we will be heading back home for his appointment with the CNIB. We scheduled it that way on purpose so that we can relay the information from the opthalmologist to his OT. I am of course looking forward to that as we love his OT. She's a ray of sunshine, and her visits are always much anticipated around here. I'm hoping we will have lots of positive news to tell her.

I swear my kid is getting bigger, I took a look at him today and he just looks huge compared to a few months ago. I mean this probably sounds stupid to people who have normal kids, but for someone whose baby was 14 pounds for like 4 months (maybe longer) and didn't grow at all, it's kind of amazing that he seems bigger. I am always in awe of him. Anyway I hope you all are well. And Corrie I never thought of that, maybe "blarg" is a Canadian word? I always just thought it was a funny way to express annoyance. Oh and CLC I love your idea that they think bathtime is just like the womb! And to the rest of you, thank you for saying how cute Sky is, I love everyone's comments.


Stacie said...

Nooo, don't wish June upon on that quickly because Laney turns 2 on 6/17.

I hope that the first night of the workshop went well.

Jen said...

I can't wait for summer either. Good luck to your little one and his eyesight. My father was an ophthalmologist and I worked in his office for years. It was always nice to have the breath of fresh air that a child brings to the office. Most of his practice was older people so the few kids were great to have around.

Corrie Howe said...

Hopefully by the time he's in school there will be the supports available for him.