Thursday, January 14, 2010

Parvovirus, So Fun!

Chuck has fifth's disease. We learned this after one of my kinders came to school with a small rash on her cheeks that mom said was caused by eating oranges. By lunch time the small rash had spread all over her cheeks and her arms and her stomach. Not from eating oranges. It is patterned almost like lace. Fifths (or parvovirus) is extremely contagious and the rash doesn't show up until it's past the spreading stage. So pretty much every child she has come into contact with (which would be just about the entire daycare centre plus the school age kids) and the staff are likely to have it or catch it as well. Except those who have already had it, since they are immune. The reason I know Chuck has it is because last night he started freaking out about his legs being itchy and burning. He pulled up his pant legs and we looked and he was covered in a red (lace-y looking) rash. We both thought he must be allergic to something, but then I saw the same rash on my kinder's face today and the teachers and everyone said it must be fifth's. I looked it up at and yep it's what she has.

Aside from that things are well. Work is hectic as usual and the days are long, but I am plugging away, striving for the light at the end of the tunnel. Skyler is growing in leaps and bounds. He wants to walk, and he throws crazy fits if you don't indulge him in this for as long as he pleases. For a one year old he's pretty good at showing just how pissed off he is when he doesn't get his way. I wager he comes by that honestly though, his daddy is one of those people who tends to get cranky too when things don't go the way he'd like. And me I'm just impatient, when I want something I want it immediately. Poor kid, he's going to have a tough time learning some self control I think.

Anyway I am off to put my crafting skills to good use finally and make some tutus for my daycare centre. I figure the kids (the girls at least) will enjoy some new dress up clothes. Especially since I plan to make one tonight and then bring the materials in tomorrow for them to help me make the other two. Wish me luck.


Stacie said...

I hope Chuck feels better soon (and anyone else who gets it).

Good luck with making the tutus at daycare tomorrow!

LuckyOnce said...

Yucky! I hope he feels better and that you and Skyler don't get it!

Awesome about the tutus. I'm sure they'll love them.

Bonny said...

Luke surrently has it as well. His face is so, so red and it has basically spread all over his body.

Bonny said...

meant currently

Corrie Howe said...

I bet the girls will love the tutus.