Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Climbing to New Heights

He seems to be learning so quickly. We hadn't done too much "schooling" over the summer, but I picked him up a new pack of Ses.ame alphabet flashcards the other day, and he's already picking out letters and saying their names. (His favourites are A and D). Yesterday we worked on using a spoon. Haha it was hilarious, and awesome. He doesn't quite do the wrist rotations yet, so when I gave him a cup of yogurt and a spoon he went at it, and managed to get some in his mouth, and quite a bit all over him. He then decided maybe it would be easier to use his hands, so he dunked those in there, but realized that he wasn't getting much yogurt that way, so he then must have thought to himself "hey it's in a cup.. I must be able to drink it." which resulted in lots of yogurt all over my little man, but he did keep alternating methods until he had finished the entire thing. And I think at least half of it went in him.

I've started putting him to bed at 7:30 on the dot each night. It's made an amazing difference in how well he sleeps at night. There seem to be few wake ups. Minus the other morning when he decided to get up at 4am and stay up for the day.. Other than that he's been sleeping straight through the night, which is fantastic as it allows me to do the same.

Today the weather was gorgeous so after work we ate some lunch and then I took him outside to the park next to our building. It was a wonderful afternoon. He was in a great mood, I took literally 200 pictures. He walked around the park holding my hands, we played in the leaves. I'd pick them up and then let them fall, sometimes the wind would take them, and he would giggle like crazy watching them float to the ground. Then he would pick up his own leaf and let it drop too. He crawled around the park, and he climbed over a bunch of wooden post things. His gross motor skills are improving so much. He even went up and down the wooden steps twice. We also walked down a pretty steep slope together through a massive pile of leaves (which he loved because the leaves make a funny sound) and headed down toward the river.

There's a river behind our place, that is really more like a stream, it's not very wide or deep at all, but there are beavers, and geese. I don't think Skyler had ever seen a goose before, because they've never gotten close enough, but there were three in the water today and when they saw us, they came so close! Only a few feet away, I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I think Skyler saw his first goose today! It was amazing to be able to share that experience with him. He pointed toward them so I think he saw something, even if it was only the shape of it. They were honking too, so I know he heard them.

Then we headed back up the slope to the park and he shocked me again, but not only approaching the usually loathed play structure, but by climbing up to the top all by himself!! Then he played with the tic tac toe wheels for a while, and I freaked about because a wasp landed on him (and I carefully shooed it away whilst pretending for his sake that all was well, even though my heart was racing.) luckily he didn't get stung so it was all good. Then he climbed down, and back up again, and then almost fell, I'm not sure if it's his lack of depth perception or if he just didn't look, but he went to step where there was nothing to step on. I was right there of course and I made sure he didn't fall, but he was startled a bit. After that we went and wandered around the park some more until we were ready for dinner.

We came inside and had popcorn shrimp and french fries. So delicious. Then we played until 7:30 and off to bed he went. Now I'm about to pass out so I'd best head off to bed.

PS. I tried to add pictures to this post, but blogger is being a jerk and won't let me. Which sucks cause the pictures are super cute. :P

Saturday, September 25, 2010


We just finished a photo-shoot for Skyler. The CNIB contacted us a while back asking if we'd be willing to let Skyler be in a photo essay about living with vision loss. So the photographer is someone who goes to a local college and is doing her photo essay to promote a more positive image for living with vision loss. How could I possibly say no? He was awesome the whole time, showed her just how happy he is. She said he was the easiest person to photograph ever. So that was cool. She took some shots of us together. I'm glad I snuck in that quick shower before she got here! She was really grateful to us for letting her include him in the essay. There's going to be an exhibit in Feb (I'm hoping I'll be able to make it since it's pretty close to my due date.) She said she'd call back with the dates closer to when it'll be showing, and that she'll give us a photo from it too as a thank-you.

Yesterday we celebrated Mabon (the autumnal equinox). Chuck made us a lovely roast, the best whipped potatoes ever, veggies and home made bread. I made us a homemade strawberry pie with a homemade shortbread crust (coated in chocolate) for dessert with whipped cream. It was all soo delicious! Celebrating the harvest is awesome. Then this morning I woke up early (unfortunately Chuck has to work today and tomorrow) and I made us pancakes from scratch, with fresh bananas and strawberries, covered in real whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Mmmm. Homemade stuff is the best.

Now Skyler and I are just relaxing, eating some cheese bun for lunch and listening to music. Who could ask for more?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Smile for the Day

I found this on, most of the stories on there are about customers being silly/dumb, but this one touched my heart :)

No Pranks, Just Thanks

Library | Eugene, OR, USA

(I am shelving DVDs in a library when a man comes in with a boy who appears to be autistic. The boy sees a movie about Thanksgiving)

Boy: “Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving! I’m thankful… I’m thankful for… I’m thankful for my friends at school!”

Caretaker: “You’re thankful for your friends at school?”

Boy: “Yeah! Yeah and… and… what are you thankful for? Are you thankful for your friends?”

Caretaker: *no response*

Boy: “Are you thankful for me?”

Caretaker: “I’m thankful for you, kid. I’m more thankful for you than all my friends in the world.”

Boy: *smiles*

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I'm anxiously awaiting the letter in the mail letting me know when we're doing this fetal assessment thing so I can find out if I'm on bedrest for the next 5 months or not. I know it has to be before Oct 14th because that's when my next OB appt is, and she will tell me then what we're going to do. I'm a little nervous about being on bedrest (possibly) with a toddler.. This should be interesting. I'm sure we'll get through it if that is the case. Any suggestions for books to read?? I love books, and if I'm stuck in bed for months I'm going to do need something to do.

I'm also worried about missing Halloween.. If I'm on bedrest I wonder if I can sit in the car while C takes Skyler out for Halloween.. We're mostly driving to and from people's houses that we know (friends and family). Otherwise that's going to suck.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

A work in progress. Skyler is helping by taking a nap on the pieces I just cut.

The (almost) finished project

All it needs is a zipper. And it looks so much cuter on him than on the floor! Haha I took a couple pics of him trying on the hoodie, but he was tired so they're mostly shots of him lying on the floor trying to nap in it. I put him to bed, I'll have to get pictures of him wearing it tomorrow. For something I made entirely myself including the pattern (but not the actual fabric as my lovely husband points out) it's not too shabby.


We had our appointment with the OB today. I thought it was at 10:30am, so when I took a look at the scheduler on our way out the door at 10 I realized it was actually at 10am! I called and told them I would be late. And on the way there we got stuck behind every slow person, hit every red light. I hate being late and I was having a panic attack of course. So we get in and the nurse gives us a lecture about how they run on schedule and they cancel your appointment if you're late. And I just burst into tears. I told her I was sorry that I felt awful, that I was panicking about it. She seemed to soften, but I just felt like crap to begin with I hate making people wait.

Fortunately my OB was a saint and told me not to worry about it. She's extremely nice and sweet. She told me she'd schedule me for a fetal assesment but not for the baby, for me. She says that from my account of how I went into premature labour it sounds like I may have an incompetent cervix. She said it normally happens in the second trimester, but it's possible that that's why Skyler was born so early. I knew a little about what an incompetent cervix is, because I used to follow Becky who no longer blogs, but she lost her little boys to an incompetent cervix. My OB said that if that is what it is we can do things to prevent it, like bed rest and whatever. She didn't mention surgery (sewing it shut) but I think that's another thing they sometimes can do with an incompetent cervix. Anyway she said I am a healthy woman and we're not going to treat me as anything different unless we find out otherwise from the fetal assessment. So for now, business as usual except no lifting things.

I think my company pays for disability if I have to go on bedrest, but I'm not sure. If not I'll probably get EI. I wouldn't mind resting I guess, but I'm sure I will get quite bored. She said it's possible too that it could have been just a random thing (Skyler being premature) but it's best to find out for certain obviously.

We also got to hear the heartbeat again. It sounds wonderful. I've felt a few movements over the last couple weeks. Here's hoping I can keep this baby safe inside me until it's ready to be born alive and well.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Candy Cow

Skyler is sick yet again! And so are C and I. So far he has only puked once, and while he hasn't been sleeping much it's not as bad as last time yet. I hate colds! School/work is going okay. The first few days with my little one were pretty trying as everything was brand new to both of us. A lot of adjusting. Plus she's still on her summer schedule and had not been sleeping at all. So every day was basically her getting pretty upset and falling asleep on everything, the floor, the instruments, me, the table, the chair. Everywhere I'd try to go with her she would fall asleep. Last night she actually had a good night's sleep and today she was fantastic. I'd never seen her so happy. Lots of smiles and giggles, we had a good morning.

I'm off tomorrow to go to the OB, my first appointment with her for this pregnancy. I'm 15 weeks along now. I hope it goes well. If I remember correctly she was pretty nice the one time I saw her when I was pregnant with Skyler. I've been pretty emotional, crying at everything. And like last time I've started getting heartburn now that I'm in the second trimester, oh and back pain.

I can't wait to show everyone my latest project. C and I were discussing what to do about Halloween this year, since Skyler is almost two this time around and he can kind of walk (he's down to holding one hand most of the time!!) and well we want his candy. Haha, we jokingly said he's like a "cash cow" for candy (a candy cow). Dress him up all cute and he'll rake in the treats. We'll give him a small cut of course. Of course the issue of him needing an actual costume comes into play, because cute baby can only get you so far, cute baby in cute costume now that will get you some snickers bars or something right? We went to the stores and looked around, toddler costumes are ridiculously expensive! $25 for a cheaply made costume? Made with a tiny amount of fabric (usually not the best fabric either).

We decided to dress him as a cow, and I looked around for a cow costume. $20 for a toddler hoodie made of some cheap white felt type material with two black patches sewn on, and ears on the hood. It didn't even come with pants.. Um, no thanks. I went to the fabric store and hunted around until I found the perfect cow pattern, and better yet the material is gorgeous. It's soft, it feels and looks like a real cow, and it was on sale! So my little boy is going to end up in a costume (with both pants and a hoodie) that cost me $9, and looks so much better than the junk in the store. (Assuming my sewing skills are up to par.)

I started it last night. First I took Sky's measurements and then designed my pattern, I had to pull out the fancy pencils and sketch paper, and I must have redrawn a few of the pieces at least 3 or 4 times to get it perfect. I'm making it a bit on the big side so he can wear other warm clothes underneath since end of Oct here is always freezing. (I'm not sure he'll need to though as the fabric is warm and it has a lining inside..) After I made my pattern pieces, I cut them all out, from the cow fabric and the flannelette I'm using as a lining. Then I sewed together most of the pieces with the lining. It's coming along quite nicely. The only problem is I have a ton of extra cow pattern fabric left over. I bought almost two metres to be sure I'd have enough. I'm thinking pillows..

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of School

My first day was good. My little girl is adorable, she was pretty calm the first part of the morning (she even fell asleep on me!) but then right before lunch time she decided she was done. It's a brand new environment and everything is different and scary, I'm hoping that as she settles in things will get easier. Turns out her family immigrated like 2 or 3 generations ago. So, not really immigrants at all. Haven't met dad yet, but mom is nice.

Working with her today reminded me of all the things I have to be grateful for Skyler. He has so much more vision than a lot of blind kids. While his eye contact isn't perfect (especially since one eye is usually turned in) he doesn't have a problem facing you, or keeping his head up when he babbles at you. And he will smile back at you if you smile. He interacts a lot, if you laugh, he laughs. If he does something funny and you laugh, he will do it again and again and again. Right now he thinks it's hilarious to fake burp whenever he hears someone else burp. Same with sneezing, coughing, blowing your nose. Any sound you can make he will copy it for your amusement.

I realized today that we've come a long way from when we learned about his condition. We've gone through a lot, and we've learned a lot. I remember the sadness that I felt when I thought he was completely blind and the scary thoughts of how much he would miss out on, and all the what-ifs. Today even though we know he is legally blind, we also know that he can see things around him and make out what they are. We know that he knows our faces, our expressions, he explores his world freely and enthusiastically. He's not afraid of most things. He will climb his chair, and try to get up onto the arm of the couch! He hasn't shown any signs of autism yet, though a lot of blindisms do look like autism, and he has a few of those. (He flaps/flails his arms when he's upset.)

Today he was being extremely whiny, and I went to find him and figure out what he wanted since I had just fed him, changed/pottied him, and bathed him. I found him in his room, lying on his bed ready for sleep. For the first time he put himself down for a nap. He's been sleeping very weird hours lately and making us all crazy around here, so I know I should keep him up and not let him nap right now, but it's just too cute that he's figured out he is tired and has put himself to bed. Well here's hoping the rest of the week goes well.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back To School

September is here and I'm gearing up for "back to school". School starts on the 8th, but I've already spent the last two days in training sessions and then tomorrow will be a meeting at the school with my new coworkers & supervisor. I haven't actually been in this school yet so it should be interesting. I hear there are no outside windows, I'm a little nervous about that as I like natural light.. Oh well what can you do? I found out that it will just be me and my supervisor all morning (I start after the before school part of the program has finished) and we only have 4 kindergartens including the girl I'm with. So my supervisor has 3 kids and I have 1. I think it will be a big change from the 17 I'm used to. It might be nice, maybe quieter who knows?

Sept 7th we're supposed to have an intake meeting with the little girl I'm working with and her family. I hear they are immigrants (don't know when they immigrated though) and I'm not sure how strong their English is. Hopefully there won't be too much of a divide. Her therapists should be there too, physio and SLP I'm guessing, and I know our/her OT from the CNIB wants to be there too. I've already reviewed the material I got from the course I took in February on working with and parenting the child who is visually impaired. I even printed out most of the resources, and I've put together a binder, sort of a daily journal thing to keep track of everything.

In my daily journal for the little girl I had C create me a template page where I can keep track of activities, feeding, toileting, and other notes and another page to track our goals for the month and the activities suggested by the therapists. I know she has a lot of issues to work on, but I am hoping that we will be able to meet at least some of those goals together this year, and I'm going to be organized and ready to support her in her learning. I also created a binder for Skyler, for his goals and activities and to basically use as his "Learning portfolio". Since we are homeschooling him, the best way to keep track of his achievements is a portfolio showcasing his work, and journaling our activities and what kinds of things he learns from these activities.

Skyler had an appointment with his Physiotherapist today, we've been picked back up and are off the waiting list now. She took a good look at his hips, moving them in the sockets, pressing on his legs, bending them this way and that. He amazingly enough did not make a sound. He played with a shaker, and actually smiled/giggled at times while she did her thing. Her observations: his hips seem fine. He has great range of motion in his hips and legs. She didn't seem worried about it, but suggested we get the x-ray done anyway to make sure that all is well inside. On Friday we'll have his appointment with his OT who I imagine will probably say the same thing. I'm glad the PT didn't seem alarmed and said his hips seem to be great. That's a bit of a relief.