Saturday, October 30, 2010

Perfect Rhythm

Yesterday we went to the CNIB halloween party. It was fun, Skyler did some crafts and led me all over the place (he only ate a tiny bit of chocolate, even though I did offer! After the healthy food of course...) Everyone there loved his costume and thought it was cool that I made it. Then this morning Skyler decided that it's 3am on Friday that means playtime! Of course. So we were up from 3 until about 5 or 5:30. Then we had to get up at 7 to go to my work. It was my halloween party at work so C brought Skyler in his costume. The kindergarteners loved him of course. They all wanted to play with him (Ooh a life-size doll!). It was great, though he discovered the doll house and seemed to think it was fantastic so now I'm a little worried that I may be making or buying a doll house soon. Hopefully it can be arranged without spending too much money haha.

I was surprised how well behaved he was at school for someone who didn't sleep and didn't have a nap at all. Then from my work we went straight to his music class, with a pit stop for lunch on the way. He was amazing. I think he's really starting to enjoy the routine and the group and everything. He was really into it, dancing and smiling and laughing and everything. Even though he hadn't napped!

And the teacher brought out a drum at one point, and she sings and plays the rhythm and has us tap the rhythm on our/toddler's legs. Then each little one gets a chance to play the drum while we sing the song, she brought it to Skyler first. The idea is for them to just try it out, get used to instruments etc. I held his hand for the first 3 beats and then let go and he continued playing the drum with perfect rhythm, he kept up the beat for the whole time! I think the music teacher was a little shocked. All the other kids were too fast/slow or varied the tempo. The only reason I mention this is because I'm always noticing how the other kids do everything "better" than he does. So watching him play the drum at the right tempo and not missing a beat was pretty cool. It reminded me that while he might be a little behind in some things, he is still pretty amazing at others.

Lately he's started to enjoy books! Which for me is awesome because I've been an avid reader my whole life. He used to have very little interest in them except for chewing, and he wouldn't sit still for a story to save his life so I'd just read to him while he wandered off to play. But he's started picking up books (usually upside down of course) and pretend to read, or study the pictures, which is fantastic! And yesterday the postman brought us our almost daily supply of Braille books and I cracked one open with Skyler right away. He actually sat with me the entire story and followed the Braille with his fingers while I read him the book. He even pointed at the pictures of the little boy in the story and named some of the body parts (like ear). He's also started naming parts of the face on everyone he gets close to. He likes the eyes and nose best.

All in all, aside from him still not walking (he took about 4 or 5 steps at music class today!) he's doing quite well.. If only I could get him to use his words more often instead of whining! If anyone has a secret for that let me know.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Short Break

So C and I had a good few days off together. He went last week on Monday to the doctor because his foot has been hurting really bad and we couldn't figure out why. The doctors couldn't either. They took an x ray and saw nothing, so they said come back in a week. Today we went back and they did another x ray. Turns out he has a hairline or stress fracture that they couldn't see last time. They said it's harder to see when they first happen and it becomes more visible within a week or two. So now he has to wear this big foot/leg brace boot thing for 3 weeks.

Over the weekend C and I spent time together without our computers for a change. Normally we are glued to them, it's pretty sad. We turned them off though for 4 or 5 days straight. Last night we did some sewing together. C put the zipper on Sky's cow costume for me. And he fixed my sewing machine. I had no clue what was wrong with it, my thread just kept snapping. He managed to figure it out, and take it apart and oil it. And I made myself a pattern for a sweater to cover my growing belly since none of my jackets zip up over it anymore. I made it out of pyjama fleece and it ended up looking more like a robe, but a very cute snuggly one so I'm not too disappointed. It feels nice and soft and warm, and I did a pretty good job if I say so myself. I'll probably still wear it out and about when it's winter because I'm not going to let my belly freeze.

C got me a deluxe membership to fabricland too, so everything I buy there is a lot cheaper, I've already saved a ton of money both with making my own clothes and buying the fabric with a discount. I'm planning on making a bunch of things for Christmas presents this year too. Speaking of presents it's November next week, I can hardly believe it. We went to Zellers (department store kind of like Wal-Mart but Canadian) and I found a ton of kids books for $3 each. These are books that are normally $8 or $9 a piece, so I grabbed about 8 of them and we wrapped them up for Skyler's birthday, which is almost here.

Last week we had OT (Skyler is doing fantastic, everything except walking is right up to par). This week we have the CNIB halloween party, next week the ultrasound, and the week after we have an OB appointment to find out the results of the fetal assesment. We're busy busy busy. I might take some more time away from the computer, it seemed like I got more done with this thing off for a while. And Skyler just turned on the tv, it's uncanny how he knows when Handy Manny is on.. He doesn't watch anything else, and he always seems to turn it on when Handy Manny is about to start.


I've had my computer turned off for the last five days, I'm only on it now for a quick moment before work and to let you know I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, and that sometimes life can be fun without too much technology.. But now I have to head off to work.. I hope you are all doing well.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Not So Great Day

So I was supposed to have an ultrasound yesterday at 10:30. Drove all the way out to the hospital, went up to the third floor, found out they had cancelled it because of my fetal assessment in Nov. and either my doctor or NP or whoever had forgotten to tell me or assumed I already knew.. Sigh. Oh well, I am glad that they shoved it all into one appointment. Less ultrasounds = better as they don't know for sure the effect that it may have on unborn babies. So I have to wait until Nov 3rd. Which isn't that far away I guess. We instead used yesterday to get C's foot looked at. We went to the sports clinic which is always super busy. Took 5 hours to get in to see the doctor. He's had some weird pain for 4 days or so and since he stands all night at work it's been making him crazy.

They aren't sure what's wrong with him, they think it might be a stress fracture, but they don't know. So he's supposed to try to take it easy and go back next Monday. Which means he has a 5 day weekend, since this is his long weekend off. He's been working a lot lately, and we hardly ever see each other, so I'm pretty excited to have some time with him. Though I'm not so happy that I will be working, especially after today..

Today was a not so great day. When I came in this morning I found out the little girl I work with is going on the field trip on Friday, which means I have to go too.. and the bus doesn't get back until 3pm. I have to miss Skyler's music class. And I'm not sure how well she's going to do at a corn maze all day. She was having an off day today, and when we went outside at lunch time she was very hyper and all she wanted to do was stim. She likes to spin around in circles and throw herself to the ground with all her weight. There's no way for me to stop her or catch her without injuring myself or putting my baby at risk. So my plan of action is to get her onto the grass and try my hardest to find something to distract her with and keep her calm.

Unfortunately the entire school is out at lunch time on the playground too, and a lot of other kids are very "interested" in her. They like to hover around us and crowd her, and make my life a lot harder because she throws herself onto them and injures them in the process. She doesn't listen to instructions either, nor does she communicate (she's non-verbal remember). And along with the lunch kids, come the lunch supervisors.. There was this one woman staring at me and my little charge, as I tried to redirect her. Finally she comes over and asks me if I work for the school. "No" I tell her that I work for the Y (as it clearly says on my shirt..) but I work in the school. She spends another few minutes staring and then decides to tell me how to do my job. She says "You need to play with her."

My supervisor is nearby and just as annoyed as I am and she says to the lady "She works with her everyday she knows what she's doing." and I'm pretty much too stunned to say anything. What does she expect me to do with a child who is literally throwing herself onto the ground, not listening, not responding to touch, voice, anything at all. I am simply trying to keep her safe and help her calm down. And this woman is telling me what to do, and she does not work with me, I do not work for her, or the organization she is with. She has nothing to do with me, and has her own charges she should be watching. Also she has never worked with the child I have assigned to me, nor does she have a clue about her special needs.

Instead of dropping it, she walks away, finds some other lunch supervisors to gawk with and proceeds to stand with these other women and talk about me. They blatently stare right at me and even point at us! How fricking rude can you get? She is turned facing away from all the children she is supposed to be watching, in order to criticize how I am doing my job which has nothing to do with her. I have spoken with my charge's parents who are satisfied with her level of care! Her therapists all believe she is doing a million times better with me than she has ever been before, and yet some random lunch lady has the adacity to think she knows better than I do. And to stand and point and gossip and tell me what to do. It was very unnerving to have several eyes on me, judging me while I was trying to deal with an already stressful situation.

After that I was happy to be on my way home. Until Skyler drank some water with his straw at lunch time and it went down the wrong way. Then he started choking, and soon I was catching puke in my hands, yet again. I'm not sure how many times I have caught puke in my hands now.. Probably close to 30 times. It almost doesn't faze me anymore. If it hadn't been for the fact that I'd already been having a bad day, it might not have bothered me so much. Add in that he puked up everything he had eaten all day, and the fact that he's still super small and it feels like a giant set back when he pukes up everything he eats. I just want him to gain weight! He's been 20 pounds for like 9 months it seems. So I had to make him another lunch (it seems he always waits until he'd done eating to puke!)

Tonight after he went to sleep I finally got a glimmer of news that might be good. Something is happening that may turn out in my favour. But it involves other people, and I'd rather not talk about it until I know for sure it's happening or not happening. It's all very up in the air right now. Here's hoping it turns out.. I won't know for a while.

Oh and one good thing happened the other day. C got an unexpected bonus in the form of a gift card, and he bought me a new camera since mine's been broken for a while. So if you've made it this far in my lovely novel here, to make up for all that ranting, here's some adorable pictures of my beautiful little guy:

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Developmental Milestones

Life is still chugging along at it's same pace. Skyler hasn't taken much more than 1 or 2 steps here and there since the day he took 5 steps. He lets go of things a lot more to stand and hold onto toys now, but still not walking confidently on his own yet. He'll get there. It's slow going, but I know he's ready, he just needs to realize it on his own.

He'll be two next month, it's hard to believe. I hate when I compare him to the other kids his age, or even younger than him. They all seem to be doing so much more. I know that he will develop at his own pace. I went and out of curiosity did one of those developmental checklists for 24 months. He's almost right on track. He's missing the walking alone piece, and a couple things in terms of communication. For instance, it asks if they can correctly pronounce m, n, p, and h and most vowel sounds. He can pronounce all but the letter p so far. And it asks if they're speaking in two word sentences. He's not really yet. He will say "I like that" on occasion, but I'm not sure if that's echolalia or if he's actually using it as expressive language.

Either way he is pretty on par with most of the developmental milestones. I was pleasantly surprised to find out. I've heard that sometimes meaningful speech doesn't develop in visually impaired kids until they are 3 or 4, at which point they suddenly begin speaking in full sentences. I'm hoping something like that happens, as right now his communication is still consisting mostly of him whining, yelling, screaming and flailing when he's upset or we misunderstand what he wants. We're working hard on getting him to say "help" and "done" when he's frustrated, or tired of a task. He will repeat them when we prompt him usually, but he's not saying them on his own yet. "Use your words" is something I find myself saying frequently throughout the day.

As for pipsqueak, the OB says everything sounds/looks good, and my fetal assessment is on Nov 3rd. Also I have a big baby tummy popping up now, haha. She told C and I to think about whether we want to know the sex or not, because they will likely be able to tell us at the fetal assessment. I definitely want to know if it's a boy or a girl. If it's a boy we have less stuff to buy. If it's a girl.. I may end up buying/making a few frilly things.. Either way I'd like to know if Skyler's getting a sister or brother. That way I can kind of prepare myself mentally, and if it's a girl I can start using her name. If it's a boy I can start a frantic search for the right name.. So far I have not come up with a single boy name that I like. Anyway it's 5am and I have no idea why I'm up so I'm going to try and go back to bed.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

At The Park

Let's pretend I posted this about ten minutes ago, before midnight on Wednesday. Skyler and I went to the park today, I don't think my little one can get much happier. He really is the light of my life.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Skyler's Glasses

Skyler got his new prescription! The frames are the same, but they seem to fit his face better this time around. AND he wore his glasses from about 1:30pm today (when we picked them up) all the way until bedtime tonight at 7pm. He only tried to take them off a few times, and I reminded him that he needs them to see and to keep them on. He wasn't too upset about it at all! Which is a really good sign, it means they're probably helping his vision. He was even looking around a whole lot when we put them on, and staring at things. I wonder what he can see with them.

His eyes are still crossing, the left one is especially turning in, but that's alright. Hopefully it will straighten itself out a bit more in the next few days as he adjusts to the glasses, and if not then it's time to patch. The cutest moment of the day has to have been when he took them off to lay down and have some milk. I put them back on him after (I cleaned them for him too, toddlers have dirty hands) and he simply reached up and touched them and said "glasses" and went back to playing. So adorable. Every once in a while he'd reach up like he was going to take them off, and then he'd stop and go back to what he was doing.

In unrelated news, I'm now at the 19 week mark. I see my OB this Thursday. I'm not sure if I'm crazy or if I'm only remembering the last part of my pregnancy with Skyler, but it seems this baby doesn't move around as much as he did. I'm not at the stage yet where I can feel it from the outside, but I have been feeling kicks for a long while now, but they just don't seem to be as frequent. Perhaps this baby has a calmer disposition than my little firecracker boy. Next week on Monday I go for my first ultrasound. Here's hoping they'll tell us the sex.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (in Canada anyway) and we're celebrating with family tonight and tomorrow night. What I am thankful for right now is obviously my family, being able to support ourselves, having a good safe place to live, healthcare, all the rights and freedoms that I have just because I live in Canada. But at the moment I'm also super thankful that I'm friends with an optician!

I was thinking yesterday about how Skyler is going to be wearing glasses full time now. Because he's so young I think it's worthwhile to have a back-up pair handy since he's likely to pull his off or pop out a lens or something. I went to work researching where I could find him another pair of glasses. As I mentioned before the frames we have for him now were given to us for free from his amazing opthalmologist. But they will be outgrown at some point soon, and I discovered yesterday that to find toddler glasses in our city is next to impossible. There is a grand total of ONE place that sells baby and toddler frames in this city. And the prices are as you can imagine astronomical. $350 and up for a single pair of glasses..

So I continued looking around online, I found a forum for people whose babies and toddlers wear glasses. There was an article written on there about buying glasses online. The best site they recommended is (I'm not getting paid to tell you this btw) as you can get a pair of prescription glasses for as low as $8. That's including the lenses (single focus). Shipping is only $5 in the states, and $9 to Canada. This to me sounded too good to be true, so I did some looking around at reviews. They're almost entirely positive, and there are lots of them out there. For $8 glasses how can I go wrong? If they don't work then I'm only out $8 + shipping.

The only thing is to order you need a pupillary measurement and the prescription and the frame size. Fortunately our next door neighbour and friend is the optician who does Skyler's (and my) glasses. We invited her over for coffee and asked what she thought about us ordering him some glasses (since I was still feeling a bit wary, but excited about not paying $350). She said she'd get us his measurements either tomorrow when he's awake (she'll come and measure him for me again) or on Tuesday when she can check them at work on the computer. She helped me pick out the right size frames on the website and explained to me a bit about how the measurements work. She also said there's no harm in spending a few bucks and finding out if they're good or not. If the lenses aren't proper she'll pop them out for us and we can send them in to have new lenses put in for $38 through her work.

Overall it's totally worth checking out, if they don't work out we can easily have her put new lenses in as long as they're optical grade frames. We're fortunate to have a friend who can help us with this stuff, especially since our child is visually impaired. Anyway I think I'll order him two pairs of glasses since I'm paying the $9 in shipping. The sizes aren't quite as small as he needs, so he will likely grow into them. One of the pairs should fit him right away and the other one I picked may take him a few months or so. I'm excited because I know his prescription is going to change, his head size will change, but he will need glasses like me and if I can get them for a fraction of the cost that's what I'm going to do, at least for back-up pairs.

Anyway I just thought I'd share and happy thanksgiving to my Canadian friends. I hope that you too have a lot to be thankful for.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Madness

So yesterday, as my big boy was showing off his skills of standing one place while holding something with two hands (ex. not holding onto the table) he came across an ill placed mug of liquid which he hoisted up and all over mommy's laptop. The power plug was pulled, the battery came out quite quickly as well as mommy and daddy rushed to save its life. Miss Laptop is still undergoing surgery. Her keyboard was removed, cleaned and painstakingly put back together. Luckily nothing else inside got wet. I'm quite fortunate to have a man who used to build laptops and desktops..

As for Skyler, he's taken a couple steps on his own here and there.. Mostly one at a time, and he has been letting go of things more frequently to stand for a bit on his own. Today we went to his first music class. It was a ton of fun. Even though last night after said laptop debacle he decided he wasn't feeling well and didn't go to sleep until after 3am. I was so sad about that because he's been on a perfect sleep schedule for months, sleeping at 7:30 or thereabouts each night and making it until morning without waking up. Going to work this morning with 3 hours sleep was brutal.

Anyway, back to the music class. Though Skyler was tired (he slept until 11am, so he had more sleep than me) he still seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. His first transition experience went less than stellar. There's 15 mins playtime before the music part starts, and he did not like having his play interrupted to go sit on a mat in a circle with the other kids. However as soon as we started singing and playing instruments my boppy little toddler started to smile and bounce to the beat. I think he loved that daddy and I were both there with him, playing, dancing and singing. He enjoyed tapping the rainsticks, and putting the bean bag on his head.

It was a bit interesting for me. We know he is behind developmentally in some areas, not by a lot though mind you, but it was a lot easier to see it in a group of his peers. The class was 18months to 36 months. All of the kids were able to walk on their own already except for him, and I started to realize the difference between him and his sighted peers a bit more too. His vision hasn't had much effect on his play at all before, because it's always been one on one for him with us. This time, in a big group I realized how the other kids are able to make eye contact with the teacher, watch the puppet she's holding and look at the story books while she reads. With Skyler he doesn't really seem to engage visually with the teacher like the other kids do. I'm not sure if she was outside of his visual range, or perhaps wasn't interesting enough for him to look at. He did however take a lot away from the class, and the teacher made sure to bring the book around for each child to touch (it had raised froggies in it).

The songs were catchy, and she did an entrance and exit song using each child's name and an action. He loved that, and the song was stuck in my head most of the night. The other parents seemed nice enough too. I had worried that since his class is in a wealthier neighbourhood that the parents might be a bit standoffish. After class we went home and ate and then took Skyler to the park by my mom's place. Skyler had a great time even though he was ready to pass out, daddy is usually at work when I take Sky to the park, so he had lots of fun playing with him today. Yesterday for the first time he went on the teeter totter all on his own, (and off and on and off and on ad infinitum) and today the park we went to had swings so he got to go on there for the first time in about 6 months. Last time we went on the swings he was terrified, this time he loved it.

When we got home, he promptly passed out at about 6:50. And so far so good. I hope you are all having a nice Friday as well.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

He Did It!!!

It took him 22 months and 17 days, but HE DID IT! Skyler took his first five steps unassisted today!! At our baby group. He was screaming (because I wouldn't let him push someone else's stroller) while the others were talking during group so I took him into the foyer of the church where they hold the baby group.. And he was pushing a toy, he let go of the toy and was walking holding onto me. Then I let go of him, and he was stunned for a minute. He took two steps forwards, then two steps back, almost lost his footing, but righted himself (Looked panicked too of course) and then took one more half step and lowered himself down.

Mommy then proceeded to cry, and call daddy at work and grama and text everyone and put it up on facebook. And cry some more.

Monday, October 4, 2010

October is Full of Appointments

We went Friday afternoon and filled Skyler's prescription for his glasses. We got lucky and he still fits his old frames! And our friend is an optician so she filled the order for us and she got authorization to cut us a deal. We only ended up spending $38 on his new lenses!! I paid it in full, and hopefully the new glasses will arrive sometime this week or next week. This time, they should help him see more! How exciting is that? He seems to be seeing quite a bit let me tell you.

In the last few days it seems like his development has exploded. He's yammering away, talking, repeating, pointing, turning knobs on his new toy kitchen, climbing up steps, trying to climb onto the couch, walking holding only one hand, walking holding onto a big people broom and nothing else, the list goes on and on. I'm so proud of him. And he gives himself "time-outs". Time-outs around here are not a punishment. When he's having a fussy-cranky-upset-about-everything-and-nothing-time, we head to his room, I give him a bottle of water and he lies down on his bed and takes time for himself, I leave the door open and when he's done he wanders back out, feeling refreshed and much less cranky. Now he knows when he needs to go for a "time out" and he'll wander off to his room, find his bottle of water and lay down. He also puts himself to bed now!

Today we had endocrinology, so we headed back to the children's hospital for the second time in the last few days, and over to the community services building where they have the endocrine clinic. Skyler was measured and weighed, and the doctor came in and said he is doing fantastic for growth, she was extremely impressed with where he is on the growth chart. She showed us how fabulous his curve is on the chart. And then we talked about doing his blood tests at the next appointment (in 6 months) and she asked how we'd feel about taking him for a bone age scan. She explained that they would x-ray his hand and see if his growth plates are at the right stage for his age. Even if they are behind that's alright, as long as they mature at a steady rate. This way we can take another scan in a year or so and see if he's growing properly. It will aid us in deciding if he needs growth hormone later.

We agreed and took him down to the X-Ray lab for his first ever X-Ray. Daddy held him on his lap while I waited in the waiting room (Didn't want to put baby at risk). They had to squish his hand under some plexiglass cause he didn't want to keep it open, but he did really well. I didn't hear any crying and it was done in less than two minutes. All in all it's been a good couple of doctor appointments, and those are the big ones for him. His vision is progressing wonderfully, as is his growth.

We went shopping today for groceries and Skyler picked out his cake mixes for his birthday cake/cupcakes/whatever I decide to make. I offered him a choice between chocolate or rainbow bits.. He chose both. I also spent some time with family yesterday after church and heard a rumour, that if it's true would be very beneficial for all parties involved so I am hoping it will end up being true.

We went to church for the first time in a few months yesterday. C has been working mornings on Sundays so we hadn't been able to go, but it was so lovely to be back! Everyone missed us and we had missed them too. Skyler had lots of fun in the nursery, I was worried about leaving him since it's been a few months since we'd left him there, but he didn't even notice us leaving, even though I kissed him on the head and said we'd be back in an hour. He played happily with the other toddlers until we got back. It was nice.

After church and after visiting my family we went home and had a new friend over. I met her through the baby & me group I go to. She has a 10 month old baby girl with a G-tube, who was born preemie as well. She was due in Jan and born in Nov just like Skyler. In fact their birthdays are only 2 days apart. We had a lovely night, hanging out together with our new friends. Skyler was so enthralled with the cute baby girl. He was gentle and attentive, he wanted to touch her cheek, and he danced for her. She smiled and cooed and flirted back. It was really cute to watch. I loved how fascinated he was with her, and how he was so happy to meet her.

I can't wait for Friday when we have our first music class! So far this month is starting off quite well. I hope it continues that way. and I hope your October is going as well as ours is so far.

Friday, October 1, 2010


We had opthalmology today. At 9:15. There were two no-shows and a cancellation so we got in almost as soon as we got in the door, which is amazing in that office. I love his opthalmologist so much! The British accent doesn't hurt things either. He took a look at Sky and agreed that he seems to be switching and using both eyes now instead of just one! (Fantastic!) He told us that since we can recognize when he is using one eye over the other, that we can watch him and if he starts favouring one eye, patch that eye for a while, until he starts using both again. And to just keep watching and patch whichever eye when necessary.

He also did the drops and examined his eyes (which he hates, but he wasn't too bad about it.) and wrote him out a new prescription. So we're back to wearing glasses again, let's hope he keeps them on! I just need to get his prescription filled.. I'm hoping the frames still fit him or else we're looking at a huge bill for this one. Kids/toddler frames = extremely expensive. And we talked a bit about surgery to straighten out his eyes. The Dr. said that usually with strabismus he would do the surgery quite early, but since he has ONH he doesn't want to operate until he's older, because there's a risk of over correcting. He says that there's a good chance we can correct it with the patching and glasses while he's young. Though he thinks that he likely will end up "slipping" and crossing his eyes after a while even if we correct it now. So we may be looking at surgery later on when he's older.

And he was saying that he will probably never have the same kind of vision we do (how the two eyes take the pictures and put them together into one. Or depth perception basically) but he will likely keep using one eye at a time. That's okay of course. That's just him. Also I inquired about him seeing colours because in my human eye course I've learned that optic nerve problems can cause colour deficiency. He told me that if you and I suddenly had a problem with our optic nerves, colour might go, but because Skyler was born with smaller optic nerves he doesn't think it's an issue for him. But because we can't test yet we won't know. He said though that it's not a big deal even if he does have some problems with colours, he will still see things, just a bit different than us. Which I mean I already tell people that. :)

Anyway it was a lovely appointment and he's testing somewhere within the ranges of 20/125 to 20/220 because he's having trouble getting him to co-operate for the testing. Anyway the idea of him seeing somewhere between those ranges is kind of exciting for me.. I've always just gone with his last diagnosis of 20/200. I think the 20/125 is more accurate because when he's at home he points out things further away than the cards at the doctors office which he finds utterly boring.

I just had to share!