Monday, November 29, 2010

Look With Your Eyes, Not Your Hands

I admit it, I said something not-so-bright to my visually impaired toddler today. I was peeling potatoes over the garbage can, and Mr. Curious came toddling up to see what I was doing. I told him what I was up to, and he stuck his hands into the garbage can, I told him "hands off, you can watch, but don't touch." Yes garbage can yucky, I'm not going to let him play in it. But that sentence coming out of my mouth felt so strange after I had said it. Touch is one of the ways visually impaired kids learn and well "see" if you will. I think me saying this was a bit of two things:

-Forgetfulness, and obvious ick factor (because garbage ew.) even though I had just changed the bag.
-His vision is much better than we ever thought it would be. He seems to see so much more than ever before. He will point to letters on anything anywhere no matter how big or small and tell me "A!" (He recognizes the letter A, but he also can't say the word "letters" yet, and so calls them all A's)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Little Update

Okay I know it's been a while, a long while. I now have a two year old!! And a very active little person inside me who is 25 weeks along. Skyler's birthday was great, we spent Friday (his actual birthday) at home just the three of us, relaxing and enjoying each other. We also went to his music class where everyone sang him happy birthday of course. It was lovely. We also scrambled and cleaned our butts off to make our place presentable for Saturday.

His party on Saturday was pretty good. I made a ton of cupcakes. The family wasn't too horrible and he got lots of loot, including an acoustic guitar that's his size. And an adorable Toy Story snow suit from grandma and grandpa which was size 24 months. We had to go and exchange it for a 12 month size which fits him much better. The 24 months was huge, like double his size. I took him out to play in it on Sunday and enjoy the huge pile of snow that Nature dumped on us. He seemed to like walking in the waist high snow.

We set up our Christmas tree and Skyler loves it. The lights are inside little Christmas ball ornaments and he likes to point and stare at them. We got him a little baby doll for his birthday and he loves to go and kiss his baby and pick him up gently and carry him around. He's learning to be gentle and he's giving lots of kisses. He is so independent now, and he seems to be starting to make a few new sounds like "ba" and "va" and I heard a "fre" yesterday. Pretty exciting. His wait for speech should be up by January his physio said so hopefully we'll be seeing speech again soon. Anyway the next post will have pictures I promise. Sorry it's been so long!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Things People Say

Sometimes something will get under my skin.. Like this evening. I spoke to a family member today, an older person let's say, around 84. Anyway she asked me how Skyler was and C and everyone and mentioned getting some expensive present for Skyler for Christmas, and then asked how my pregnancy was going. I told her all was good, everything on the ultrasound looked good, etc. She said to me "Oh that's good, you couldn't handle another disappointment." Huh? First of all you don't know what I can handle, if I was worried about having another special needs child I wouldn't have planned to have this baby. Secondly there are a lot of words I would use to describe my son, and I don't think she was trying to be malicious or anything, but "disappointment" is not how I would describe my child..

When I look into this little person's (usually crossed) eyes, I see my entire world! I see myself, I see my husband, I see most importantly my son. The little person he is, the person he will one day become. I see everything that's right in the world, an innocent wonderful little person who has so much love to give and receive. So many things he can do. He is never a disappointment. Nor will he ever be, no matter what mistakes he makes or any bad choices in his life.

Skyler you are everything I ever hoped you would be, and so so so much more. I can't imagine life without you, exactly who you are, exactly the way you are. No matter what anyone else thinks or says. I hope you always remember that.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Terrible Twos

The terrible twos it would seem, are indeed quite terrible. Mister has developed quite a temper to go along with his impatience and demanding nature. He wants everything the way he wants it and he wants it now! I know this is supposedly normal. I made the mistake of watching a video of N (the girl I used to nanny for) when she was his age. In the video I ask her "what do you want honey?" and she clearly says "apple sauce" I hand her the apple sauce and she says "no. yuck. want cheese please" Then I give her cheese and she asks for a bun. A big bun. Her words are so clear. She understands everything I ask her. I look at Skyler and I only wish he were somewhere near that.. But he is not and we have to make do with pointing and SCREAMING and sometimes hitting. Don't get me wrong, I don't take him for granted. We get by well enough, I try to avert his attention before frustration and screaming begin. Which sometimes works, other times it does not.

He is by far the most beautiful creature I've ever laid eyes on, and his mystery and wonder envelopes me every day. I love him so much it hurts. He astounds me with all the new things he's doing. That independence kick though, I tell you I'm doing my very best to encourage it all while trying to keep him safe. Just today I taught him how to zip and unzip zippers. Just in time for winter.. Not sure if this is an awesome thing or a not so great idea. When we came back in from outside he went to zip/unzip my hoodie and was in great distress when he realized I had taken it off and was only wearing a normal shirt. We spent a good 5-10 minutes of him screaming and trying to rip my shirt while I gently but firmly held his hands and tried to convince him that it wasn't the end of the world and it's okay to not always get what you want, but not okay to hit and rip people's clothes.

As December draws nearer I'm definitely feeling the urge to be at home and take care of my family. I've been nesting a bit too I guess. I've never been much of a housewife but lately I find myself in the kitchen doing dishes, and cooking meals & baking and sometimes even making lunches for everyone for the next day. And the weirdest part is I don't seem to mind it. I haven't been spending as much time online. It seems to be such a time suck. I'm spending a lot more time just being with Skyler one on one, following him around, singing with him, reading to him, playing outside. It's not that we didn't spend time together before, but I guess the quality and quantity have increased.

This Friday is his birthday, we're having some people over on Saturday including one of Skyler's friends from nursery at church. I'm hoping it all goes well. I'm excited to bake his cupcakes. There will be lots of them I'm sure. I'm going to make sure he helps me, because he can't not help me anymore. If I'm somewhere doing something he needs to be right there supervising or helping out. Which is great, he's learning so much and he feels involved with what we're doing.

Yesterday I took him outside and when we got out I realized that in the rush we had forgotten his mittens.. So I pulled mine out of my pocket and stuck them on him, and this is the ensuing hilarity that had us both giggling for a while:

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fever Degrees

Things have been up and down since the little mister started walking, thankfully mostly up. I still get excited every time he toddles by me. I love it so much. We found out that baby #2 is looking good and healthy in there, and that Skyler is going to be having a little brother. Apparently I am looking good too, according to the fetal assessment people. We'll see on Wednesday what my OB says. Oh and fetal assessment is waaaay nicer than the ultrasound department!! When I was pregnant with Skyler I only had one (normal) ultrasound and they were mean. The tech didn't say more than two words to me, C couldn't come into the room until the very end, they had the screen turned away from me so I couldn't see anything I just had to wait quietly while he jabbed me in the abdomen, hard enough to hurt. AND they made me drink a ton of water beforehand so that sucked.

This time my fetal assessment was in a different building in the same hospital. I didn't have to wait for my appoinment at all, they took me as soon as I came in. The tech was super friendly and nice, she told C and Skyler to come in and watch. She explained everything on the screen, told me what every little line and spot was on the screen, what she was looking for, how healthy he looked etc. I got to see everything this time, the screen was facing me. She chatted a bit with me too and she didn't jab me super hard nor did I have to have a full bladder. Then she had a doctor come in and verify that everything looked good. They both told me all looked great, and then the tech printed us out four pictures of the baby. For free! With Skyler they told me it would cost at least $50 or $60 for pictures. A much nicer experience. Next time I go for an ultrasound (if we have another baby someday) I'm going to request a fetal assessment. The doctor there said it would be no problem with my history.

The weekend was pretty good. We got a new sewing machine and sewed almost 20 scarves for the staff at C's work (Christmas presents) and C made his sister's presents too. Technically he did all the sewing, while I did the cutting and pinning. It was amusing at the fabric store because little old ladies would see C looking at fabric and ask him if he sewed. They were astonished or something that a guy actually likes to sew. Personally I like it, it's something we can do together that doesn't involve monitors or screens, since we spend far too much time in front of those as it is.

Yesterday was a gong show. My poor toddler woke up with a high fever. He was flush all over (red skin). We gave him his stress dose of pred and some infant tylenol (and I went and cried in the bathroom because I was so worried). His fever went down and he seemed to be fine, he slept most of the day and when he woke up he played and ate and then put himself back to bed. He woke up again around 10:30pm and the fever was back. We were going to wait it out, give him more tylenol and see if it went back down but he hadn't had a ton of fluids (even though I was trying to push them all day) and C's cousin was over so she pressured us to take him to the hospital. We ended up spending 3 hours in the hospital to find out that we were already doing everything we needed to be doing. That it's some sort of virus that's going around and to just take him home, monitor him and keep doing what we were doing.. Don't you hate it when people make you doubt yourself?? We ended up being awake until 3am in a hospital full of germs for nothing basically. Oh and spending $6 on parking. At least we know he'll be alright.. (Which we pretty much already figured.)

There are only eleven days before Skyler's birthday so I guess we better get planning for his party. Hopefully by then whatever he has will have run its course.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Walking Around

It's November 2nd, Skyler turns two in 17 days. Today my son stood up in the middle of the room without holding onto anything, and took 5 steps toward his bag of halloween candy. A few minutes later he attempted to get up again from his weird and hilarious crawling position (hands and feet) without holding onto anything, he stood took two steps and started to lose his balance so he sat back down. He did this two more times. Then as I was on the phone with my mom telling her how exciting it was that he'd finally got up on his own and decided to walk, he let go of the coffee table and toddled across the room to his exercise ball. I wish I had recorded it.

Perhaps he's finally figured out that he can walk. Just in time for his second birthday. What a gift to us, and himself.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Halloween was great! Crazy busy, but Skyler seemed to have a good time. We went to his CNIB party, my work party, then music class, then Saturday was a bit slower since C had to work, but we did carve Skyler's first pumpkin. He loved it. Sunday we were on the go from 8am until 9pm pretty much. We went to church in the morning, Skyler was tired because he of course woke up at 5am on Sunday and played til 6 or 7am. After church we went to my mom's place, then picked up C's cousin from work and drove out to the small town they're both from. We took her to her mom's place, got some candy from them, then went to C's parent's and had dinner. Dinner was a lot later than they said it would be.. As usual. So we didn't get to go trick or treating until it was pretty dark out.

We got candy from his parents place, then from some friends out there. It's a small town so everyone knows everyone else pretty much. We stopped to chat with a few different people he knew. Everyone loved Skyler's costume and they were impressed that I made it myself. After trick or treating we finally went home and the little guy was so tired out he passed out right away. (After we brushed his teeth of course)

So lately he has stopped wearing his glasses. He is just outright refusing them, and it's making me a little crazy, but I know that for both our sanity it's best that I just let it be for the moment. I try a few times a day to put them on him. He immediately pulls them off, and either tries to put them back on by himself (but can't because of the strap) or he throws them to the floor. I think the fact that he is now (almost) two has a lot to do with his refusal to wear them. He is still really interested in glasses. He takes mine off my face and tries to put them back on me, or on himself. He tries to take his off and put them back on, but the sports strap stops him. I tried taking it off, but they don't stay up on his nose without the strap.

I honestly think that if he can just take them off and put them on all by himself, perhaps he will start wearing them again. So on Saturday I took a walk to the closest grocery store (superstore is a big chain store) and as I was waiting for C's cousin to come out of the bathroom I noticed their vision centre. I took a peek inside and noticed that they had toddler frames!! Toddler frames that I could buy with lenses for only $59!! I had tried to order at that website online, but none of their frames were small enough so I figured we'd have to wait on that until he grows a bit. So I took Skyler to the store with me today and we tried some frames on him and found a pair that fit. His glasses should be ready by tomorrow or the next day. I'm excited. Skyler seemed to like wearing them while we were in the store, so we shall see. I'm hopeful.

I really think the glasses have helped him in the short time he's been wearing them. His eyes seem to be a lot straighter, and he's started squinting! I know it's odd for me to be excited about that, but he never squinted before. To me it shows me that he is trying to see something at a distance that he didn't realize he could see before. He only does it when he's not wearing his glasses, and it started only after he had been wearing them. So I am willing to bet that he can see something with his glasses that he can't see without. So he is trying to compensate by squinting. Although why the silly child won't just wear his glasses to see is beyond me. Toddlers!

He is becoming so.. grown up. I always worry about him being behind and it seemed like it took him forever to do anything, but now I am seeing him do so many new things! He loves to read and look at books like I mentioned in the last post. We got one from the CNIB with touch and feel animals and a squeaker in it (Animal Kisses by Barney Saltzberg). He spent the longest time ever playing with that book. Turning each page to look at the animals and giggling when he pressed the squeaker. His hand manipulation is getting stronger. He likes to pick things up and figure out what they do. To me it feels like he is really becoming a toddler.. I know it sounds strange but I never really thought he'd be so.. typical? with his development. As soon as the walking part & more language comes.. it will be like he's almost a normal kid. I mean a kid who can't see as much as others, but still. He manages to explore his world just fine without it.

I hope you all had a happy halloween too!