Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to me

Haha okay so technically it is past midnight now on the 27th, so my birthday is over. But it was a great day. Skyler said happy birthday to me last night at midnight (sounded like ha-ee duday) and that was amazing. He stayed up and partied with us, we sat on the floor and ate junk food (tortilla chips and popcorn) and drank juice mixed with spri.te in wine glasses. That was fabulous. Then when we woke up in the morning on the 26th we made chocolate chip pancakes, and the moving company delivered our new dishwasher and C did all the dishes and made our kitchen spotless.

Then he picked up some icecream and we made chocolate milkshakes, and after that we were off to his mom's restaurant for lunch. We had chicken wraps and coleslaw, and then cake. And his mom shared her birthday cake and sent us home with four pieces (yes I share a birthday with my MIL) and after that we headed off to my mom's house for dinner. We had two different kinds of pizza followed by cheesecake. So I've been eating like a piggy all day, which I haven't done in a long time. I've been trying to stick to whole wheat bagels and fruits and veggies lately, but hey it was my birthday if you can't indulge on your birthday then when can you?

Skyler has been great lately (aside from his not sleeping as well as usual. He keeps waking up in the middle of the night wanting to play) he is talking up a storm! Not everything is understandable, but he repeats so much more now than ever before. He sings along with his preschool music CD, and he sings with me, and on his own. He apparently likes Buf.fy the Vampire Slayer. I tried to put it on after he had gone to bed, but he wandered out of his room and pulled up a stool in front of the tv to sit and watch with me. And I'm pretty sure he tried to repeat a "bloody hell" from Spike. Oops. Ah well we all go through the British Vamp phase at some point right? Better Spike than Edwar.d. Haha.

Oh and last night we had Skyler in our bed, snuggling and he was saying one of his new favourite words "okay" so daddy says he sounds like Ms Swan from SNL. And so C does his impression of Ms Swan "okay okay, I tell you 18." or whatever it is she says, and Skyler perfectly repeated it. I cracked up. He's just starting to say sentences and a lot of what he says is garbled, but this was pretty clear and funny.

I've noticed he wants to snuggle more, my child has always been very much on the go and never still for a moment. If I lay down with him in my bed or his bed, he's all over the place, climbing me, kicking, jumping on the bed, poking me in the eye and saying "eye" etc. He's always hated blankets and would kick them off if they dared to touch him. He's never liked a stuffed animal or toy to bring to bed. But lately he will lie down with me for a few moments before getting up to bounce on my baby belly or check out my hair. And since C made him a chenille blanket like mine, he curls up with it on his own at night and snuggles under it. And when I went in the other morning to wake him, he was snuggled under his blankie, with his baby doll next to him. He's been carrying his baby around lately (by the head mind you) and kissing him and feeding him with a bottle. It's just precious.

Anyway it was a lovely day. There was lots of family, tons of food, and lots of hugs and kisses from my little one. And even though I didn't get in my usual 20 minute bike ride, I'm okay with that, it was a very special day.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

34 Weeks (ish)

I'm as big as a house, and I'm definitely feeling it. Lately I haven't wanted to look in a mirror, let alone be in a picture, but I got up the courage today to put on my dress, the only one I have that will fit over this baby belly. I made it that way on purpose. And I managed to make myself feel pretty for the first time in a while. And I just wanted to share that with you.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Crochet & Commentary

Things here are going good. I'm adjusting to not working. So far I've crocheted a new hat, a pair of slippers and two granny squares, that's just in the last two days. I figured I'd need slippers for the hospital when I go in to have the baby. I don't want my socks on the icky hospital floor after I give birth and I know I won't want to wear my runners. It was my first time making slippers. The first one turned out a little odd because the pattern wasn't very specific. The second one I fixed on my own since I realized the first one was wonky. The second one actually turned out really cute, they're ballet style slippers and I made them in a red yarn that I had lying around.

After that I guess I got on a crochet kick cause I realized I have soo much yarn in my craft closet and I should start using it up. So I'm making a baby afghan in shades of blue and white. I'm not sure what I'll do with it when it's done. Use it for the new baby or maybe donate it to the children's hospital or something. This will be my first granny square blanket. I've always just done blankets in regular rows. I wish I knew other people who crocheted, I could do a square swap.

In other news last night C got a call from a girl he works with. She was complaining about another employee who was annoying her all night long. Apparently on top of ticking off this girl, he also said some rude things about Skyler. C's brought him in to work before so most of the employees have seen him. Anyway this kid is just a teenager, so I guess it's part of being an ignorant kid, but he said something like "why are his eyes so weird, no one's ever going to take him seriously when he grows up if his eyes are all over the place." Needless to say though C was not happy, and neither am I. Honestly if someone has a sincere question and is curious about my son I will gladly explain it to them and so would C. I find it utterly rude and disrespectful for people to be talking about my son and his eye condition behind our backs to other people. He knows nothing about our son, but of course feels the need to make judgements.

This incident just reminded me of how much crap my son is going to have to put up with as he grows up. I can only hope we teach him how to handle the comments and stares gracefully and not take it to heart.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Down Syndrome: A Reason to Abort?

Stories like this one annoy me..

I'm glad they're going to be able to easier test for conditions like Down syndrome. But it angers me at the same time, that they have this little tidbit in the article:

"As yet, the results are not accurate enough to inform important decisions, like whether to continue the pregnancy," added Professor Lyn Chitty of University College London, who is also testing the DNA blood tests for Down, said on the university's website.

Why do people get pregnant if they know there is a risk of having a special needs child (and there ALWAYS is) and then decide that if their child is different/special needs they are going to abort it?? How is that fair? If you aren't guaranteed your idea of a perfect child well then kill it before it's born problem solved?? UGH. If you aren't ready to love your child unconditionally then maybe you aren't ready for a child at all. Yes, it is harder when your child has special needs I won't deny it, but this is my baby I would do anything for him!

Don't get me wrong I am not arguing about abortion here or saying that I am pro-life or whatever, just the idea that it is assumed that if one is pregnant with a special needs child that they should abort it and be done with it. There was no way to tell that Skyler would have septo-optic dysplasia while I was pregnant. They could have tested him for Down syndrome, and spina bifida and whatever else and told me "he's healthy/'normal'" whatever and he still would have come out with special needs. Had they somehow detected it in utero would I have said nevermind I'm not going to bother with him? Hell no. I declined all those tests knowing that whatever happened, he was my baby. I didn't care if he was going to be born with two heads there was no way I'd consider abortion unless he was going to kill me for certain (like pre-eclampsia) or suffer immensely and then die at birth or something.

I'm not opposed to prenatal testing. If it helps some women prepare for the birth of their child then excellent. I just wish it wasn't used as a screening device to decide whether or not to let the child live based on the idea that the child is not going to be the parent's vision of perfection. I find this just as absurd as the idea that if it's a girl and you wanted a boy then it's okay to abort it.

Wow I have ranted a bit there.. I understand we all have different opinions and I respect that, so tell me how do you feel about it? Is it okay to decide that if your child isn't the way you want them to be, then abortion might be the right option for you?

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Today is January ninth. Just barely. It was this day two years ago that we finally got to bring home our (no longer brand new) baby after two months of being in a plastic box in the NICU. Today I sit here and I feel the baby-to-be kicking my laptop as it rests on my tummy. I wonder what this little one's future will hold for us. I wonder if he'll spend time in that terrible yet lifesaving place. Tomorrow I will reach the 32 week mark, we've just past the furthest point I reached in pregnancy with Skyler. I hope he holds out a lot longer, and that his birth is without complications. Who knows what the future will hold though.

Yesterday we spent the day cleaning out the apartment. We got so much more done with the two of us than I could do on my own. Skyler's room is usable now, our room is soo much nicer. We got rid of a couple more things that have been sitting around collecting dust. I sold Skyler's old exersaucer on ki.ji.ji and we sent the old high chair to C's parents place since it's huge, it just takes up too much space. His mom said she'd be happy to take it since all the grandkids can use it when they visit. Right now there's just Skyler, but soon his brother will be joining him and C has 3 sisters who are all in relationships so there may be more grandchildren in the future.

Right now I am tired, it's the second time I've had to get up with Sky tonight. I don't know why he's been waking up crying randomly tonight. I just go in and change his diaper and make sure he is okay and give him some more water and he goes right back to sleep. I sort of wish I had more help from someone.. He doesn't seem to realize how drained I am from just being pregnant. I guess guys don't always get it because they don't go through it.. I don't know. I do know that I am lucky with my little guy, tonight or last night really at about 8:40 he was still up and wandering around. I said "Skyler go to bed, it's late." I didn't even have to get up. Off he waddled to his room and put himself to bed. What an easy child sometimes. I am blessed.

He's been repeating everything. I love it. He's said so many new words. I just wish they sounded more like the words he's trying to say. I'm not sure why he is lacking sounds. The other day I was laying on his bed with him and I went to change his diaper, I said "bye bye diaper" and he repeated me in the same intonation "die die" over and over, and waved. I know he was saying "bye bye" but I don't get why he can't make the "B" sound. I know that some sounds you learn visually, by watching other people make them, and he missed out on that for the first part of his life because his vision just wasn't there. So I try as often as possible to get in his face so he can see my lips move as I say certain letters, but he still says "gaga" or "craca" or "deh" for pretty much everything. Maybe he will figure it out with time, I'm not sure. At least we have SLP coming on Wednesday for the first time since his brief intervention visit. Maybe she will have some insight that can help us.

My favourite new thing that he says though is "yeah, cool" he heard one of us saying this on the phone last week and now he repeats it, but it sounds like "Yeh, coo." It's pretty cute and it cracks me up. He also says good, and goof. I sort of feel bad on this one because whenever he's being silly I say "you're such a goof!" with a giggle and give him a kiss, now he repeats it and says "goo!". Sometimes he'll make the f sound, sort of, but usually not. Ah well I know he may not be speaking perfectly but he sure has come a long way, even in just the last couple weeks. For a while there I was getting really worried about his speech. But you can tell his receptive language is definitely there, he's just starting to get the hang of the expressive language. Well I am going to try to go back to sleep for another couple hours.

Oh and in answer to Ya Chun on my last post, because I'm no longer working there, I don't think my gym membership is active, plus it can be a pain in the butt to drag Sky over there, and C works all the time so it's just me and the little guy for the majority of the day.

Good night! Or morning as it were..

Friday, January 7, 2011

Healthier Living

I've started this health thing over the last week. I read on the CBC news website that Canadians aren't as healthy as they think. I realized that I don't even do the minimum amount of exercise they recommend each day. Where I live the winter is long, like dreadfully long and cold. It's next to impossible to take a toddler out in this weather and get exercise without causing him frostbite. So I stay inside and go stir crazy. In light of realizing how out of shape I am (plus I took a picture of Skyler in the sling I made and realized that I am getting a second chin!) we went and got a stationary bike. Now I can actually try to get some exercise without ever having to leave the apartment. I've been using it for 10-20 mins a day, and I'm feeling a bit more energetic since I've started.

Today we finally went grocery shopping and I picked up a bunch of healthier items. I've decided we don't need to eat so much "white" food. Instead of white bread we bought whole wheat and multigrain, instead of white crackers we got whole wheat etc. I bought a tub of vanilla yogurt and a bunch of frozen fruit because lately I've discovered how easy it is to make smoothies at home. We got one a week or so back at Booster Juice in the mall and Skyler loved it. Now it's my sneaky way of getting fruit & dairy into him when he's being a picky toddler as he often is. They're so easy to make at home and much cheaper too. I throw in a banana, some frozen berries a bit of yogurt, some milk and hit the smoothie button on the blender and that's it. I put it in a cup with a straw and Skyler goes to town.

We brought home our groceries in two cardboard boxes. The store we shop at lets you reuse the boxes the food is shipped in for free. So sometimes when we forget our reusable bags we get boxes. When we got home Skyler took every item out of one of the boxes, one by one and put it on the floor so he could climb into the box. I think I spent most of the night pushing him around and making choo choo sounds. He loved it. It was so cute. He's been picking up so many new words lately, even today alone he repeated so many new things (too bad they all sound the same, as most of his consonant sounds are missing) including the word "mine" (which sounds like nine) this morning when he hoarded our comforter from us during morning snuggles. It was adorable. I can't wait for the "mine" stage, it seems to be starting and I'm okay with it. Every typical two year old goes through it, it means he's rather typical and I kind of like that. We'll see if I still feel the same in a couple months haha.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

31 Weeks

Time is just flying by it seems. I've made it to 31 weeks as of today. Skyler was born at 31 weeks 5 days. I'm sure every pregnancy is different and hopefully this one will go much longer, but I can't help but feel that if I can make it past Friday I might breathe a little sigh of relief. I've been working on getting things ready for this little one, and making life less cluttered for the three of us. I managed to get a whole lot of things into the hallway to donate or sell, but they're too heavy for me to carry to the car and someone has yet to make good on his promise to drop them off.

Yesterday and the day before there was a huge sale at Fabr.icland. Which used to be one of my favourite stores, but now I think it's C's favourite store. When he walks in the clerks light up, they recognize our family on sight. They always ask him what crazy project he's working on now (gorgeous curtains for our bedroom, I love them!). It's kind of funny. Anyway I picked up some twill and some chenille with cute little hearts on it. And I set to sewing some new things for the baby. I made 2 pouch slings. I remember using the store bought one for Skyler when he was little (well I would still use it if I wasn't pregnant actually) and how nice it was to have him so close, and much easier to use than a baby carrier with straps. I remember when I bought it too, there were other ones there with a nice soft chenille lining in them, but I decided to go with a plain one because chenille would be too warm in the summer months. And I could only afford one sling since they were upwards of $60-$70.

This time around I figured that since I'm making them I could make a few with the nice soft warm lining for the baby to use in the winter and then a couple without for summer time. In the end each sling cost me $7 to make with the lining, and $3 without. Not too shabby for something I paid $70 for a few years back. Plus they look super cute and feel really soft inside. The first one I made a bit too small, my measurements were off a bit I guess. It still fits, but I'm probably not going to be able to use it past the first winter which is fine. So I made a second one that's a bit bigger for the next winter. I tested the tiny one and Skyler fit in it, so it can't be that small. Then again he is pretty little for a 2 year old.

The picture really doesn't do it justice :)

Yesterday morning we took Sky to a play group since it's been -35 degrees celcius around here for the last week or so and there's no playing outside in that kind of weather, I'm going a bit stir crazy. So there's this playgroup called the Indoor Playground which I used to take N to back when I was a nanny. They have a downstairs with dramatic play areas and craft & circle time areas, and an upstairs with a big gym with riding toys and a structure. We decided to take Skyler to it, he seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. He got to wander around and play with all the toys. His favourite was the washing machine/dryer combo. He is definitely his daddy's boy. He also liked the big toy house that he could open the windows and doors and walk into and out of. And he liked pointing at the other kids. Sometimes I could get him to wave other times all he wanted to do was point. Strange child of mine.

I hope you all had a great new year's eve/day. Skyler and I woke up on New Year's day and snuggled up in a home made blanket together and just cuddled. It was the best start to a new year I could ever have hoped for. I hope yours was just as lovely.