Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So the doctor we saw (who happens to be my mom's regular doctor) I think was a little bit flaky. She asked us almost as soon as we came in if we had ever taken him to get his eyes checked out. Like we're complete idiots. When I said yes she asked me who was following him, like she didn't believe me. Yes I undertsand you have 7 years of schooling, but do you really think you are the only person who can see that my son's eyes are crossed?? I guess an idiot like me who is clearly not a doctor would never even think to get that checked out. I think I am mostly offended because I was the one who discovered his eye condition, I was the one who fought with doctors to get him in to see the pediatric opthalmologist. I was the one who discovered his diagnosis. "OMG his eyes are crossed?? This whole entire time, the past two and a half years I NEVER noticed thank GOD for doctors like you who can point this out to me, because I'd never have noticed otherwise."

Also, she had his file right in front of her. I may only have 3 years of university but at least I know how to read and when doing so might possibly be beneficial, like say when seeing a new patient for instance. Sigh.

Anyway, that annoyance aside, it's possible he has GERD/acid reflux so she prescribed him a low dose of Zantac and told us to make an appt with his NP in two weeks to see if it's working and if she wants to send him to see a gastro specialist and have an ultrasound of his tummy. Poor kid, he just can't seem to catch a break.

In happier news, he's talking up a storm now, and aside from repeating absolutely everything that everyone says he is also starting to use sentences on his own! The other day he tripped and fell over, instead of wailing at the top of his lungs like usual he said "I fell down" then he got up and lowered himself to the ground and said "I fell down" over and over. Haha it was cute and funny. He's also started to ask for things "pillow blankie, snuggle daddy" when he goes into our room. When he wakes up he cries and says "hungee" and I get him some breakfast. He points at the window and says "window, outside. go outside" and yesterday I saw him put on his sock all by himself for the first time. Also he's now pronouncing the letters he wasn't saying before! And it's taken over two years but he finally says mommy and mama and mom. And he says it a lot. I love hearing it.

Oh and he spends a lot of time staring at his baby and smiling, pointing out his eyes and hands and nose and mouth and every other lovely tiny baby part. And yesterday I saw him standing over his baby and singing head and shoulders knees and toes. While pointing to the baby's knees and toes. Absolutely adorable. He also loves to kiss him on his soft little head.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I've been meaning to write a post for a while I just can't seem to find the time. Adriel is doing great, aside from me having thrush, again.. Sigh. Skyler though is puking again.. The last two days he hasn't wanted to eat and he's thrown up everything he did eat. We're starting to think it may be a side effect of the prednisone or something because it's getting ridiculous, a toddler should not puke this much it's just unnatural. I broke down yesterday, I just felt so overwhelmed with it. We made an appointment for him to see a doctor at the practice where his NP works, she's away Monday so they stuck us with another doctor. And he has an appointment in April with his pediatrician but I don't want to wait that long I want to find out why he's puking so much. He's still only 20 pounds and he'll be two and a half in May. Well actually he was 22 pounds last week, but I weighed him this morning and he's only at 20.9 now, with all the puking and not eating..

In less crappy news, I finally made my first ring sling. It's so cute I love it. I now have 3 different kinds of soft baby carriers that I've made myself. I'm finding out which carriers I like better for which things. At night when he's fussy and I can't soothe him by nursing I stick him in the pouch sling and I pace the living room for a while, he passes out. During the day when I need to go out and I want him close to me I put the wrap on before we leave the house, then I just pop him out of the car seat and into the wrap. When I don't have time for the wrap (because you have to take a few minutes to put it on) I grab the ring sling, which is also perfect for nursing in public because the tail is a great nursing cover and I can nurse while I walk around and no one is the wiser.

Yesterday I signed Skyler up for swimming lessons with the red cross. I'm so excited, he loves the water, I think it will be fun. I also signed Adriel and I up for a Stroller Fit Fusion class. I've been working out at home this whole time on the bike, but I think it will be nice to get out and meet other moms and learn some yoga and walk around the track. So far I've lost 15 pounds since Adriel was born (7.9 of which were baby mind you, plus placenta and water) and I have 15 more to go, but truthfully I want to lose 25. Not all at once mind you, but over time. Honestly I'm not really focusing on losing weight. I work out more for the benefit to my heart and body than my looks. But I think it's good to have something to strive toward nonetheless.

Adriel is 3 weeks old today and he celebrated by letting me get a couple hours of sleep, so I'm happy. Oh and yesterday my mom cut my hair, I'll have to post a pic later, right now I have someone asleep on my chest.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

2 Weeks (almost)

We went for Adriel's two week check up today even though he is not quite 2 weeks yet (on Saturday he will be). The pediatrician looked at the weight on the chart and said "wow, you're breastfeeding? You must have a great milk supply". He's 8 pounds 11 ounces, meaning he's gained over a pound since birth. Also he lost weight in the first two days like all babies do, so he's gained a fair bit since he was born. The doctor said he's pleased when a baby has managed to gain back the weight they lost right after birth, nevermind gain an entire pound. He told me to continue breastfeeding exclusively, and that Adriel looks great, he's healthy! I couldn't be happier. Aside from feeling a bit sad about missing out on Skyler's first few months I'm really very elated.

I've adjusted to having two kids a lot faster and easier than I thought I would. At first I was worried about C going back to work so soon, but we've managed quite well. Yesterday I got two loads of laundry done, and managed to give Skyler a bath. Sometimes the yelling competitions can be a headache, but for the most part Skyler is a great big brother who loves to kiss his baby and tell us about his eyes and ears and other little parts. I do spend a lot of time with baby at the boob, he loves to eat, which is fantastic. I feel bad though not being able to jump up and tend to Skyler whenever he wants, but he is a very independent two year old so he doesn't seem to mind much when I'm busy with the baby. Plus I make a point of spending time with Skyler when Adriel is asleep, we cuddle and we read stories and paint pictures. He doesn't seem to be jealous at all either which is amazing I think.

I don't have much to complain about really. I don't get much sleep, but that's okay I'm managing. I try to nap when the babies are both asleep (hard to get them both to sleep at the same time though!) and C does get up with Skyler at night, (if/when he wakes) if I kick him hard enough (just kidding it's more of a gentle poke or twelve). Anyway I wish I had a picture of Skyler kissing Adriel, because he does it a lot, but I never seem to have a camera around. I think mine is hiding in one of my pockets somewhere.

Bath Time

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


We've had Adriel for 11 days now, and a feeling of regret and some sadness has been settling over me. For the past 11 days I've held him close to me, breastfed him exclusively, soothed him when he cried (which is rarely) and worn him in the baby carrier. He's growing well, he's eating well, he hardly cries because I tend to his needs before he has a chance to cry. He's chubby and cute, he makes hilarious faces, and his big brother loves kissing him on the head and patting his back gently.

Why then am I somewhat sad and regretful? Having a newborn at home with me, to love and hold and care for, has really made me think about the past and how I was never able to do all that for Skyler. He spent the first two months of his life in a plastic box without the love and human touch that new babies need so badly. He lived under bright lights, with beeping and needles and tubes and nurses poking him every two hours, eating his formula & breastmilk through a tube in his nose. When he came home it was hard, he had been on the bottle in the NICU and didn't want to breastfeed. I feel sad because he missed all the love, safety and security of being a newborn in his mommy and daddy's arms. Maybe it's why he's so independent now, I'm not sure. I know he knows he is well loved, and I know he has secure attachments to us. I just can't help but look back and feel bad now that I know what we missed.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Okay I know I'm way late in posting this, but I want to welcome to the world Adriel! Born at 9:10am Saturday Feb 26th, weighing a hefty 7 pounds 10 oz (almost double Skyler's birth weight).
And here's his birth story for those who are interested.

I had been taking care of Skyler round the clock with his nasty cold. He couldn't sleep because he was so stuffed up and coughing his little lungs up. I was about at the end of my rope, Thursday night I had only had about 2-3 hours of sleep and then on Friday he was up until 6am, and I was up with him. Holding him, singing to him, pacing with him. He finally went to sleep at 6, so I went to bed. I woke up briefly at 7 with some cramping and fell back asleep. By 7:30am I was in pain and there was a gush of fluid.. My first thought was maybe I can go back to sleep.. Haha. Then the pain took over and I called my mom and woke up C to take me to the hospital.

When we got there triage checked me and said I was almost fully dilated, there was only a tiny lip left. We walked down to my birthing suite, which was awesome. They said I wasn't ready to push yet, I told her I certainly felt ready. The nurse was great, she said okay lets breathe through the next two contractions and she'd check me again. I did and she let me push as she checked, she found the lip was moving out of the way when I pushed but then slipping back into place after. So another couple contractions and she had me try again because I felt ready, then she said I was fully dilated and they sent for the OB.

She got there quickly, and she said she had just sent my OB home for the day, but that was alright because she was really great anyway. She told me to just do what my body wanted me to do, and I did! They said because his heartrate was a bit low I'd have to give birth on my side. Which was much easier than on my back. Anyway after about 4 big pushes and lots of encouragement from C & the L&D staff baby was here. It was very smooth, overall I was only in the hospital for one hour before giving birth. And it didn't feel like an hour, it went by so fast.

He was a little stunned so they took him over to the little bed thing in the room and checked him out. He cried after only a few seconds and was fine. He never left our sight either, and I got to hold him and feed him immediately after. The room I gave birth in was nice and it was calming to have my own music playing while giving birth. Also we got to stay in the same room for the whole thing, labour, delivery, recovery and post partum. Unlike last time where I was in four different rooms. There was also free cable tv and phone, and C got to stay the night with us. They brought him a sleeper chair. It was like a hotel room.

Anyway his pediatrician came and checked us in the morning and said he was 100% and gave us the go ahead to come home. So now I'm adjusting to having a newborn for the first time ever, and having two kids. Oh and C goes back to work tomorrow..