Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wow blogger has changed drastically since I was last on here. I guess I have been away too long. The kids are growing and changing so fast too, and right now we're hatching our own chicken eggs. The kids love candling them, last night we got to see them all moving around inside their shells! A couple weeks ago we watched ladybug pupae turn into lady bugs. Those things are so ugly to start off with, but now both kids recognize them as ladybugs even if they don't have their red spotted shell yet.

I have been busy sewing a lot lately, mostly for other people. The medieval festival is coming up fast and I want to have everyone costumed. It's been so hot this summer. With no breaks in between for cool days or even rain. I'm hoping it lets up a bit soon. Skyler is now speaking so well that his Speech path is almost ready to discharge him. His gross motor skills unfortunately still leave something to be desired, but I'm not too worried about it right now. He climbs like a monkey, I'm sure he'll learn how to jump eventually.

Anyway I apologize for abandoning my blog.. Sometimes real life has to be more important. :)