Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pantless Babies??

So C and I are now the proud owners of about 14 onesies, and 9 sleepers and 2 dresses and 2 baby shirts.. Remember how I said I almost bought baby clothes? Yeah well apparently as of yesterday I can't even go into a store with a baby section now without buying something. It all started with a 3 pack of onesies on sale for 5 dollars.. uh how can I pass something like that up? And it just escalated from there. I also managed to acquire a glass bottle and 4 pacifiers..

Oh and tonight as we were packing it all into a big colourful plastic tote which we had to buy to store the baby's new loot in, I suggested to C that we wash the baby clothes, and then realized that we couldn't wash everything yet because we don't have any booties or hats or PANTS, my poor unconceived children are going to be running around pantsless while all the other pants-wearing babies make fun of them. How deplorable I say. Downright deplorable. (I'm relatively sure that deplorable is a word, and that I used it correctly, but there's a chance I could be wrong, and there's an even higher chance that I am far to lazy to open another tab and check..)

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