Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So according to some wives tales, anything under 140 is a boy and over is a girl. Well then I guess this little Nemo is a boy according to the heartrate and the old wives tales. We went again and listened to the heartrate today. Nice and strong, coming in at just under 140. Baby sounds healthy so far. The nurse said a lower heartrate means bigger baby, or something like that. Actually she used some analogy about elephants and mice, and said nothing about actually human babies. So maybe she was just going off on a tangent. Anyway this wasn't my usual nurse.

We decided to stop in at the Youville center after Baby & Me today, which is a clinic where they deal mostly with women's health, and educating people about health stuff, and breastfeeding, pregnancy, sex, all that. Because our Baby & Me group and our prenatal classess are run by people from Youville, and they mentioned that they will let you listen to the heartbeat at the clinic any time. And we have a student nurse doing her internship or whatever at Youville who comes to our Baby & Me. She hadn't witnessed hearing any baby heartbeats yet, so I gladly volunteered for her.

So she got to learn how to check for the heartbeat, and I got to check up on Nemo and make sure he/she is still swimming around in there. It's very reassuring for now to know that baby has a heartbeat, even if that could all change later. It's good enough for now. I'll deal with it later when any issues arrive..


niobe said...

134 is a beautiful number.

Anonymous said...

heart rate has nothing to do with gender. it was the first dig MIL made in saying he was agirl ha ha so I looked it up, there is NO correlation between heartrate and sex whatsoever. just size and age of fetus. Little man at 12 weeks had a 170 something and last week at the anatomy scan had a 146 or so and a penis. I just had a feeling boy, so stuck with that but didn't care either way tho it was nice to MIL eat her words!