Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Ok I will tell the story of my robotic arm.. Next post. Right now I am freaking out because I just felt the baby move for the first time tonight. C put his hand on my lower tummy and I felt it, like gentle waves rolling onto the beach.. His hand was still, it was crazy! Everytime I put my hand there nothing.. I can poke and prod at my stomach/uterus all day and baby ignores me but as soon as daddy puts his hand there baby starts up moving for him! Someone is a daddy's girl/boy/baby/seamonster..

Had another prenatal this morning and baby's heart is beating at 148 now. According to the old wives tale baby is now a girl. As opposed to last appointment when baby was at 134 and a boy. I joked to my nurse that the baby already has gender issues.. Poor thing..


Mrs. Spit said...

How wonderful. Gabe loved to move when he heard Mr. Spit's voice.

Awake said...

Yeah - good for both of you!

Anonymous said...

ha ha like I said 12 weeks he was 176 maybe and last week at 20 weeks he was 146 and had a penis. there have been a bazillion studies that prove there is no correlation between heartrate and sex at all. How far a long are you now? and you just be careful what you wish for cause this guy now likes to have goal kicking/kung fu sessions when I mess with him now, in fact the sound of typing may be doing it today cause here he goes haha. all sounds good, I'm glad.