Sunday, February 7, 2010

5 Months To Go

It's been a little while. Time just keeps slipping away from me. Friday we had an inservice day at school (yet again) and I spent the day playing tag and olly olly octopus. My muscles are not so pleased about this, but what can you do. Yesterday we took Skyler to my mom's for the day, C installed a bunch of cables for her HD PVR and we gave her an old computer that was still much better than the one she had. She spent a lot of time with Sky and was playing This Little Piggy with him when he suddenly started clapping! I've been working on clapping with him for a while now, but so far he has kept his hands closed whenever I help him clap. Until yesterday, he just started clapping all by himself! My mom didn't know it was his first time and when she said "he must like this song, he's clapping." I almost jumped off my chair.

I always get so excited when he starts doing new things! Last week at church we had pizza and cake after the service and I let Sky taste some, he immediately signed for more after the pizza and the ice cream. I was so excited I didn't care that it wasn't the most healthy food, I let him have some more anyway. I really can't wait until the summer time when I can stay home with him all day every day. C has decided to quit working at my centre. This way he can stay home with Skyler. The babysitter got attacked last weekend while walking home (she's okay now) and our supervisor was mad at C for needing to stay home to watch Skyler, she told him next time he'd be fired because he needed to find his own replacement and he couldn't. So we decided that having care for Skyler was more important than C working for less than 3 hours a day.

Anyway I wanted to stop by quickly with an update before heading off to church. And now I leave you with more adorable pictures of my little guy at my mom's place yesterday.

Skyler checking out the kitty cat.

Smiling for mommy.


Corrie Howe said...

I wish you had video of him clapping. I can just imagine in my head him clapping and laughing with delight.

Karen said...

He is just so beautiful. And I think it's great that both his parents want to spend extra time with him. I've been a SAHM for years and despite having money struggles, it was well worth it.

Ashley's Mom said...

Oh my gosh, that smile is incredible!! He is such a handsome boy!

Stacie said...

He is so amazing and beutiful! He's doing so many new things. That is SO exciting!

That's great that you and Chuck can work it out so that one of you can always be with Skyler.