Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Have the Best Guy Ever

Doesn't everyone want a guy who will bake them muffins, sort the recycling, make them beautiful pictures, and play music for them? Luckily I have a guy who does all that.

Of course he does like to help me eat the muffins too. Which is quite alright with me. After all he made them.

I managed to get the dishes done yesterday, and the vacuuming and everything else. It was all in all a day of lots of work, tons of cleaning, but it felt good to have a nice clean home. Today we spent the day making things. We made muffins together, we made jello playdough (smells soo good, but don't eat it. yuck!), and peanut butter play dough (which is delicious) and we took a nice walk to the store as it was only -9c outside. He drew with his crayon (he is getting exceedingly close to holding it properly!) and then he painted with his toddler paint, and some glitter paint, took a bath played with (and ate) some peanut butter play dough, and now I am hoping he will sleep.

The jello playdough is the same as the recipe I use at work to make playdough for the kids except you add jello, and the peanut butter play dough is awesome (as long as your kid doesn't have allergies to nuts, clearly mine doesn't). The recipe calls for milk powder, and I picked some up at the store but when I got home I realized we have a quarter of a can left of infant formula that Skyler hasn't finished and I didn't know what to do with it before.. So I decided to substitute the milk powder for powdered baby formula. It tasted great, and had a bunch of vitamins and whatever in it. I also used powdered sugar instead of honey because honey can contain botulism and isn't recommended for babies under 2. The recipes for edible play doughs are here if you want them.

I thought the edible playdough would be a great idea since he really needs to work on his fine motor skills, and it's something he can manipulate. It's also great from the perspective of his low vision because it smells good, and he can put it in his mouth and it has a cool texture. Luckily he doesn't have any tactile hypersensitivities. He enjoys all sorts of textures, even the sticky ones. Tomorrow I plan on cutting up some strawberries for him and hiding them in a bowl of (real) whipped cream. I think he'll enjoy it. I know he likes both strawberries and whipped cream, and being able to dig through the whipped cream to find strawberries will be good for his motor skills too.

Also we've noticed that Brailling everything in the house was an excellent idea as Skyler has started to isolate his pointer finger to touch the Braille. I love seeing his progression. In less awesome news his cold is still hanging on. It's awful hearing him trying to hack up phlegm and knowing he doesn't know what to do but swallow it. He's still having trouble sleeping since he's so stuffed up. I'm glad I took him on that walk today as it allowed him to sleep for a little over an hour and to get some fresh air. I'm sad to say he doesn't get much fresh air since it's winter and it's always too cold to go out, we drive everywhere. If it's nice tomorrow maybe we will go for another walk so he can get another nap in. I'm so excited that tomorrow is my first day of working only the morning.

Anyway I thought it was so cute that Skyler helped me bake today and I had to share it with you. I want to know what kind of cute things your little ones do for you! Or the fun things you got to help your family members with as a kid. Let me know in the comments.


Mrs. Spit said...

Check the label on your honey, most of the stuff you buy at the store is pasteurized and quite safe for wee ones.

Stacie said... I love the picture of Skyler digging...I mean, sorting through the recycling.

He is so precious!

Karen said...

Oh how sweet! Quinn also likes to bake muffins. We make pumpkin muffins since they're his favorites. Currently he's going through a super independant stage. He tries to cook for himself by getting out the pots and pans when he's hungry and he also loves to make coffee for daddy. If you get distracted for even a minute you can pretty much count on finding him in the kitchen trying to stuff as much coffee as possible into the machine.

The Baileys said...

I love your little helper!

Anonymous said...

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