Sunday, November 29, 2009

Almost December

Time is passing by so quickly I almost have no words. I'll be on winter break once Decemeber 18th hits, the kids are out of school and therefore our daycare is closed. I was planning on working at a different Y (preschool daycare open through the winter holidays) but Chuck is insisting that I take the time off to spend with Skyler. I've been feeling like an absentee parent lately. Working on odd split shift means I leave at 6:30 in the morning and don't get home until 6:30 in the evening. It's killer, somedays I get a ride to work with a friend and I don't even see Skyler in the morning. So I see him once a day for about an hour before he goes to bed. I'm starting to wonder if he thinks I am that lady with the glasses who visits once in a while.

Come summertime I think I will have to find a new job, I'm hoping to just transfer over to another Y which is a preschool daycare that is within walking distance of my house. There's no before and after school so it means no split shifts anymore, and I can walk there and back and won't need to use so much gas. I'd have more time with my son and won't have to get a ride everyday. Also it's in a Y Fitness Centre/Gym so I'll be able to work out on my lunchbreak. My coworker and I have decided to hit the gym after work a few days a week and try to lose some weight. Luckily I am actually done work at 5 each day, but I stay until Chuck is done at 6. My coworker is done at 5 too, so instead of me waiting around the school for an extra hour she's going to drive me and we're going to work out until 6 and then go home (and it's right by my place so I'll get home before 6:30 probably.)

As for Skyler he is growing up too fast! I feel like I am missing everything. The other day I was sitting in the living room with him. He was in his play area sitting in front of his toybox. I turned my head for a minute and when I looked back he was standing holding onto his toybox! I laughed and went back to what I was doing and when I looked back he was dragging his toybox across the room. WTH? He is climbing and pulling to stand with ease now these days. He's almost walking on his own too. His balance is getting so much better. Right now though he has a nasty cold that's got him not feeling a hundred percent. There's lots of congestion and he's sleeping in the swing because he can't lay flat or he won't be able to breathe. The other day he was in the swing and we have always just used the snap down part to keep him in it because he never wiggled out. Well I walked into the bedroom and he was backwards in the swing! I thought his head had twisted off the position he was in was so unnatural!

You can bet we started using the buckles in that thing after that little incident. He's also been crawling! My little tiny man is learning to crawl! And when I say tiny I mean it, he is still only about 15 pounds. I haven't weighed him in a while, but the last time I did he was still 14 pounds. I'm hoping that by now he is at least 15, but I'm not holding my breath. I was looking through all of his new clothes from his birthday. Some people who came (my cousins/aunts/uncles) hadn't seen Skyler yet, and bought him the typical 12mos clothes (so sweet of them, the outfits are so cute) and I was looking at them thinking well this he might fit into when he's three.. Sad thing is I am not even kidding, Chuck's youngest sister was only 24 pounds when she turned 3. All the kids in his family were tiny tiny babies. I on the otherhand was 20 pounds when I turned 1.

I'm glad though that at least he will grow into the clothes at some point. I'm really hoping the endocrinologist on Tuesday will say that it's just the growth pattern he's following is the same as his daddy's. But I kind of doubt it. I have the feeling we are in for an 8 hour blood test to see if he has any HGH. And if not then it'll be time to get some more drugs. On the bright side though, maybe then he will grow a bit.

Sorry for the length of this post it's been a while since I had a moment to catch my thoughts. Christmas this year should be fun, it'll be Skyler's first Christmas at home. Last year he was trapped in a plastic box in the hospital. Chuck has already strung up all the lights and we bought a tree. It's blue. We decided to be different. It's only 3.5 ft tall but we don't have a huge amount of space and it will be in storage for the rest of the year so no point in buying a huge tree. Skyler already loves looking at the lights. (Up close of course). I can't wait for Christmas with my baby, this will be our first real Christmas together as a family. Last year our hearts just weren't in it. He was on nasal prongs and so small that we couldn't hold him for very long. This year we have the CNIB Christmas party to go to, our work parties, parties with family, it should be fun!

My idea for Christmas presents since we're low on cash this year is to have Skyler make some creations with his finger paints. He loves to smear them around on paper, and this way it's handmade and from a baby. Who can resist that? Throw in a little box of chocolates or a hand crocheted scarf (made by me), and voila instant present. No one is going to complain that your gift was cheap if your baby made it right? Especially if he's blind. Haha oh I love using that one (in a joking way of course.) This year is going to be an odd one for me, as it's my first Christmas as a family with Chuck and Skyler, but also my first Christmas as the child of separation. My parents no longer live together so I have no idea how this is going to go. Wish me luck.

Anyway I hope you all are well, if there's still anyone out there in blogland. Let me know how you've been doing, catch me up. I've missed so much!


Stacie said...

WOW! Way to go Skylar! Standing, dragging, crawling?!!!?!! Awesome news! :-)

You are right about the handmade gifts. No one can resist something made by a baby. Lol. Besides a handmade scarf is always nice.

Jeez, that does sound like a long day. Split shifts stink. I hope you can get the transfer. That would be perfect.


Corrie Howe said...

Good to hear from you. Wow Skylar is growing fast. I know my in-laws just sent an email requesting we scan artwork and send it to them for their frige. I made a calendar of the kid's artwork when they were just blobs of paint. The grandparents loved it.

I hope you do get the other Y job. Sounds like it will be a great thing for you and your family.

Stacie said...

Wow, Skyler is doing all sorts of new things. How fun!

I hope you can get the other Y job this summer. Sounds like a much better fit for you.

We always take family pictures for Christmas (husband, Laney, me) and give those as gifts. It works out well.

Trish said...

::waving:: I'm out here.
That's amazing he's doing so much stuff! Robbie's pretty on the go these days, too. Tonight I felt like I had my first moment of "holy crap, I wanted him to be mobile?"