Wednesday, November 4, 2009

School Woes

Sorry it's been so long. Halloween was great, we had a wonderful time. Hope yours was fun as well. Since last night Skyler has been randomly gasping, which is rather alarming. We made an appointment today to take him in to see his NP tomorrow first thing in the morning. I'm going to have to miss the appointment, which I'm not happy about, but unfortunately I have to work. He's got a lot of boogers it seems, I'm thinking he's just sort of choking on his snot so I'm hoping it's nothing major. Of course we are checking to make sure he's not turning blue or not getting enough air. The thing is these gasping episodes are very short, a few seconds only, and not extremely frequent, it's just scary. Fingers crossed that it's not some horrible respiratory problem or the scariest yet H1N1.

Work/School has been crazy. I've been so busy with my kinders, we have a few who are very hyperactive and some who just don't like listening. So we had a few serious discussions today about respecting our teachers and our friends and how to listen nicely when it's another person's turn to talk.

We also had an incident today where a child (in grade 3) didn't know they were supposed to be going to our program after school and went to meet their parent outside, but go figure, parent wasn't picking them up and so we were frantically searching around for said child and calling parents asking "is your child coming to our program today or have you picked them up?" which we didn't realize mom had custody during certain months and dad has custody during other months. So now dad is mad because he thinks mom didn't communicate well enough with the child and they're doing the whole custody battle thing. /sigh. Anyway we just did what were supposed to do and called the numbers listed on the contact sheet. Mom wasn't mad at us, and actually thanked us for doing what we were supposed to do. But I can't help but feel a bit bad now, I don't want anyone to lose custody of their child.

Today we had another CNIB OT appointment, and our OT has someone in from Saskatchewan's CNIB children's program who is learning about our province's program so she brought her along to show off her favourite family (us of course. Haha.) okay maybe more like favourite baby, it was all about Skyler and his cuteness. He showed off of course, and our OT is very pleased with him, he is lifting himself up while on his stomach very well, and he's making eye contact a lot and also turning to sounds and then paying attention visually. It was a great visit as usual and we scheduled our next appointment with her for his birthday!! I'm excited, I would be happy have her visit on his very first birthday. She is our favourite person on his team of professionals. Though his opthalmologist and neuro come in a close second/third. I think we see her so much more than the others and that's why she's our favourite. Skyler even loves cuddling her.

I just got back my fourth assignment from Hadley and I got an A+. I love learning new things about child development especially relating to blind/visually impaired babies. Anyway that's all for me, I hope you all are well.


John C said...

Good luck with the boogers. I swear Amanda has produced more than her body weight over the years. The day she learned to blow her nose was very liberating.

And yes, the OT wanted to show off the cute baby. My wife agrees with you, he is the cutest little boy.

Karen said...

I don't know if Skyler co-sleeps or is in a crib. If he's in a crib, see if you can put a rolled up towel under the end of the mattress that his head will be on. It'll help a bit with letting the mucus drain and keep him from getting quite as congested. Hopefully it's nothing serious, but breathing problems are always scary.